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White House may respond to Justin Bieber deportation petition with 120k signatures

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Justin Bieber (Miami Beach Police)

A petition asking the U.S. Government to deport Canadian singer Justin Bieber has topped 100,000 signatures on the website, meaning the request will get an official response from the Obama administration.

The petition, created six days ago, has amassed over 120,000 signatures as of 4 p.m. Wednesday.

“Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card,” the petition states.

Casdspture“We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture. We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug-abusing Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people, but he is also a terrible influence on our nation’s youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society.”

View the petition at

On all petitions, “We the People” states, “If a petition meets the signature threshold [in this case, 100,000], it will be reviewed by the Administration and we will issue a response.”

A petition asking the Obama administration not to deport Bieber has 1,500 signatures as of 4 p.m. Wednesday.



  • Richard Nance

    Odumber won’t deport him becasue he pays a lot of taxes, no way he’s gone, he’ll be here on American Soil doing his thing because no Court in the land will treat him like everybody else, he’s probably paying off the judges for sure!!!!

  • sophia cash

    Why deport him? He’s only going to continue to do the same in Canada, unless he decides to make a change in his life. Sending him to rehab probably won’t make a difference either. Even if he’s in Canada, he will still be in the news, the younger generation will still idolize him. Make an example out of him like they have done others and make him pay for his crime not just a slap on the wrist.

  • FaithC

    Don’t deport him, send him to jail with no special treatment. Put him in the general population like they would anybody else.

    • anne

      Put in jail for what?? He was not drunk or drag racing.. Thats been proven allready. Driving on a expired license is the most that would stick.

  • anne

    You cant deport some one for going 27 miles an hour or not drag racing. .
    funny its ok for him to be in the USA when he is making lots of money but when he is being a teenager then you want to deport him.

  • tired of the absurdity

    I just don’t understand how these stars stated off as sweet inspirational role for kids. They are generous and give out positive advice to the youth of today such as don’t drink and drive or do drugs but as soon as they are old and successful enough they do not practice what they preach and seem to be proud of it. Most of their mug shots show them SMILING. They KNOW they have the money to get out of it. If OJ Simpson can get away with murdering two people and that just showsif you got the cash you can break the law. One thing that really bothers me is seeing how Myley Cyrus can go from being Hannah Montanna to someone who does things in public that makes Madonna look like Mary Tyler Moore. Its really very sad when we have to tell our kids they cant watch these people anymore because of their outrageous behavior! Justin isn’t going to be deported. They are not even doing a great job deporting the criminals here illegally. Why would they deport some big star who they can makemillions off of? Think about it.

  • Alice Cockerham

    We are crucifying him while Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton can go wild as hell and never face any consequences.

  • tonie

    Let all of the problem celeb youths pay the cost no matter where they are from if they are in the US then they should be punished just like any other teenager or young adult. why should they get special treatment just because they are famous they

  • CM

    Believe it or not, Obama won’t even have a say in this It will be the INS…sure Obama may know about it, but it will be just a blip on the radar for him.

  • Fabi Martinez

    This is stupid! Waste of time, money, and energy! There is more important petition then sending him back grow up ppl

  • Jack Riching

    There are several petitions that have gone over 100,000 names that never got a response due to its ridiculous nature. This one will be no different.

  • Meghan

    This is just ridiculous. There are so many serious problems in our country that are ignored! Over 100,000 people are worried about a pop singers life and what he does wrong?! People need to spend more time worrying about themselves and their own children. If it was an average person nobody would care. I bet most of the people signed it just because they don’t like his music! Nobody has the right to deport somebody unless they are truly commiting dangerous crimes. Partying and being wild is what most teenagers in America are doing anyway. If he killed someone or harmed a child.. Then MAYBE they would have a point. Until then, go about your life, and stop obsessing about how some people choose to live theirs. And for the record.. If you were a millionaire without a care in the world, you’d probably be partying too!!

  • Mercy

    I think he just need to go chill and stay undercover for a little while…his mom should put a hold on his money and send him to a college..that was wrong with these celebrity youth they have all this money and they begin to get bored and start doing stupid things…Justin B go enroll in a 4 yr university get a back up career in something else…invest your money in something positive, but don’t become another statistic

  • Of course this is based in North Carolina

    So much ignorance in this thread. They have proven and he admitted to being drunk, high, was drag racing, and his father and entourage had blocked off the street to let them race which prohibited other residents from getting home. Also, they were drag racing illegally in cars they had borrowed from the dealership for free. If this was any other person, he would have been in jail for more than an hour. And he has turned himself in to Canadian police for assault charges against a limo driver from in December. Deporting him is a bit ridiculous, but maybe suspending his visa for a while to let him get the help he so obviously needs. And to whoever made a reference to Lindsay Lohan, uh… do you even watch the news? She has been locked up, thrown in rehab, etc. The only thing different is that you cannot deport an American citizen like Lindsay… Or Obama, to the people who keep saying to deport him. You do realize that that argument is over as far as the thinking world is concerned, don’t you?

  • Debbie

    Justin will be lucky if he lives to see 25. Here is a teenager who has millions of dollars at his disposal. He has too many “Yes” people in his life while he needs worse than anything for somebody to stand up and say “No”.. His parents are in denial about his use of dangerous deadly drugs. His Dad goes out partying with him. The truth is while they probably do worry about him and want him to change they more than likely are scared he will cut the money off to them. Money changes peoples life and its not always for the better. With all that being said the saddest thing about this story is that over 100,000 people actually went to a government website to sign the petition.

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