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Sledding the snow day away in Greensboro

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Any amount of snow on the ground will bring a smile to kids’ faces. Add a snow day off from school and it’s time to celebrate.

With all those kids stuck at home today, many found a good hill to take their sleds to and go for a ride.

Kids young and old could be found riding the hills in the Lindley Park neighborhood of Greensboro and they all agree they love it.

Jim Pappa brought his daughters Mattea and Louise.

“Oh it's good they get out of school -- get a little relax day in the middle of the winter,” he said.

While Mattea thinks this is the perfect amount, her little sister and her dad would lobby for more.

It's certainly not the biggest snowstorm ever seen in this part of North Carolina but kids are making the most of it all around town.

In front of a church on Market Street lots of kids trekked to the top of a big sloping hill.

On back streets around the city kids took to empty streets that may not see a snow plow for hours, even days.

Everyone has their favorite way to ride too. The kids at Lindley Park have a favorite bump they can fly over. Some go on their bellies. Some go on their knees. One kid at the Market Street hill was even standing up, surfing down the big hill.

Sometimes, they even take a break from sledding, packing snow into balls for that other great tradition, a good old-fashioned snowball fight.

After an hour or so, most kids find their way back into the warm confines of home.

Jim Pappa and his girls have a firm tradition.

“After this, the hot chocolate, marshmallows [and] get the fire going.”

“Yummy hot chocolate!” declares Louise with a giggle.

“Oh it's fantastic; great way to spend a day,” her dad says as they head off to warm up.