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Guilford Co. Schools to be closed on Thursday

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GREENSBORO, N.C. – Due to inclement weather and hazardous road conditions in many parts of the county, GCS schools will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, Jan. 30.

It will be an optional teacher workday for school staff. Central offices will operate on a regular schedule.

When schools are closed, all school activities, including the ACES afterschool program, are also closed.


  • Diane Purcell

    I think it’s time to call these 2nd snow days for what they are…nonsense. At some point it’s time to say ‘there will be no bus transportation but school is on a delayed schedule”. If the teachers have to go in and drive themselves, then the parents need to get their kids to school if they can. Should be the parents call. Most people WILL go to work tomorrow – I’m sure if they can drive themselves on slippery roads (we didn’t get 6″ in Guilford County – c’mon people give it a rest! It wasn’t a blizzard here!) they can get their kids or make their own decisions. Kids that go, get credit, kids that can’t make it..make it up. This way everyone still gets a spring break. Just my opinion.

  • Tim

    this is ridiculous. Roads are fine and to out right close is absurd. Delay the schools, but to cancel is a shame, Single parents are forced to stay out of work and burn their time due to most day cares dont take new kids and if they do, they charge absurd amounts for a day! Its less than an inch of snow on the ground, lets have the county grow a sac and work getting these roads salted and done!

    • Diane Purcell

      I agree – there was absolutely NO reason for Hicone Road, Hines Chapel Rd etc to be snow covered the way it was this morning in Mcleansville and Greensboro. It’s as if they ignored some roads completely. Yes, the sodium mix doesn’t thaw the snow in lower temperatures, so that doesn’t always work – but I saw a plow working 16th street by Pyramid shopping center at 3pm when it was CLEAR! All the plow was doing was scrapping the road, meanwhile, other roads needed the extra run-thru. Delayed opening should be fine for tomorrow! What happened to common sense? Driving slower, allowing more time in the morning..bus drivers and admin going to work alittle early to ensure buses are working ok and school is prepared. I just don’t get this sometimes. Yes Guilford County is large and some areas are fine and some are not – but considering all the people I saw on the roads this afternoon, to have an entire day off tomorrow seems over-kill to me as well.

    • Mr. Papageorgio

      The more I read from “Intellectual” the more I think that his handle is a little misleading. Why should schools make up days on Saturday? The schools have enough useless time off during Easter break. I mean how many days do you need off for Easter? Six school days in Davidson County is a little much. But, many of you will probably say the little kiddies shouldn’t have their vacations cut short.

  • Mr. Papageorgio

    Let’s say other districts do make up a day on Saturday, just how many students do you think will show up? If they try holding students accountable for missing the school will have a nightmare on their hands. Another thing is that teachers and other essential school personnel should have more that a two day notice to make arrangements for child care etc. I mean these people also have other jobs and plans that would make working on Saturday difficult. Davidson County at least has contingency plans built in to the calender before resorting to Saturday make up. I know for a fact that the last time Davidson County tried doing this the schools had 50% absenteeism. So, it amounts to a useless day for all involved.

  • Richard

    Since the school district is so scared of snow and cold, let’s have a winter break from Dec 1 through Feb 1st. Give them 1 week off in summer.

  • amw-gray

    Many people don’t realize that the Guilford County school system includes areas as far as a half hour away, like Oak Ridge and Stokesdale. The weather is usually more severe there, no matter what time of year. So when roads may seem okay here, there may be conditions that are worse there. That is one reason I think we have so many closings and delays for GCS.

  • tp9680

    If the staff can go in to work then schools should be open for people who can get their children there.The buses do not have to run on inclement weather days. We are adults and can choose if we feel it is safe or not to go out.It is senseless to close for the whole day.We did not get that much snow anyway.

  • mike jones

    Snow delays and closings are cool when you’re a kid. I’m all for safety but really??? The GC roads are clear. I’ve lost almost 600 bucks this week already because my kids are out of school. Like I said, I’m all for safety but there are parents and businesses that lose out on these snow days too.

  • julie

    The should go back to how it use to be. Use all excess teachers work days 1st. Then take spring break all but two days. Then last have Saturday school. You can not please everyone. Keep it simple!!

  • Tim

    Thats the problem too…I live 4 minutes away from one school but due to zoning issues I have to take my son 15 mins to another school. So to have kids from oak ridge and stokesdale coming all the way to guilford county is just outright dumb. Let every parent pick their kids school and deal with it and when one is overfilled, you turn parents and kids away. No reason to make some kids go to a school 15 mins away when there is one a mile and a half down the street.

  • mopps

    First: the school systems going to school on saturday will be barely for 3 hours….pointless.
    Second: having some kids go to school and others make it up later is double the bus/teacher cost…. makes no sense (unless I misunderstood?)
    Third: fix the school calendar to allow for snow/weather days. Guilford has three at the end of the year and then two they can take from spring break. used to have more work days to accomodate the weather days.
    Fourth: the teachers have to deal with the kids and altered schedules and making up work now making all this whining here seem silly.

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