Chipper Jones rescues ex-teammate stranded in Atlanta snowstorm

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Former Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones played the role of rescuer on Tuesdsay when his ex-teammate Freddie Freeman was stranded in the snow.

About 3 inches of snow fell on metro Atlanta on Tuesday, causing major traffic backups and forcing some major roads to complete shutdown.

Freddie Freeman left Turner Field on Tuesday afternoon and spent several hours trapped on the highway before his ex-teammate and friend came to his rescue. And the entire saga unfolded on social media:

Braves infielder Chris Johnson first made a comment about the storm. Freeman replied.

Freeman then revealed he had been in traffic for over 5 hours. 

Taylor Higgins, who is Chipper Jones’ girlfriend, chimed in and offered up Jones’ services:

Chipper then confirmed he had indeed rescued Freeman from the snowy mess in Atlanta. 

Freeman tweeted a photo of Jones when he arrived to rescue Freeman. 

Higgins tweeted a photo of both Freeman and Jones when they arrived at Jones’ home. 

Freeman and Jones certainly shared some bonding time, as Freeman was obviously not dressed for the snowstorm. 


  • Heather Baker

    Chipper Jones was my favorite player when we was playing… seriously, people, I cried when he retired. Seems like he’s a pretty great guy in general off the field as well as on.

  • Tim

    Chipper is awesome….this guy should be forever the face of a true baseball player…not only as a player, but also as a person. He gives so much time to help others and is not selfish one bit. He is what we should instill in all baseball players and someone they all should strive to be like!

  • Lee Manuel

    Chipper has always been a favorite around my house and hated to see him retire. Still watch the Braves and pay dearly to get them here in Texas. Freddie, wear warmer clothes when the weather is bad in Atlanta. Glad both of you are safe. Stay warm.

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