Budweiser’s ‘Puppy Love’ Super Bowl commerical will melt your heart

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Budweiser is again aiming to win over Super Bowl viewers with their popular iconic Clydesdales – but this time they will share the TV screen with their new “best bud” in a commercial titled “Puppy Love.”

The ad is a sequel to last year’s incredibly popular “Brotherhood” ad campaign. Actor Don Jeanes returns as the head of Warm Springs Ranch in Missouri, where the beer company raises its iconic horses. Actress Melissa Keller plays the part of the owner of a puppy adoption center next door.

In the commercial, an adorable┬áLabrador Retriever manages to keep escaping to the horse farm to see his “best bud,” a Clydesdale.

When the puppy is about 10-months-old, a man attempts to purchase the Lab. But what happens when he attempts to take the dog away from his “best bud,” a Clydesdale horse? That’s when you will have to just grab a tissue and watch.

Budweiser has another emotional ad planned for Sunday named “A Hero’s Welcome.” It looks like we may need another tissue on Sunday.


  • anom

    Too cute…..anything promoting adoption. Not like when they did the greyhound racing the dog….no mention that you could adopt!!! Wish anytime someone uses an animal for commerical use, they’d promote adoption!!!!

  • Lisa Griffith

    I just love the budweiser ads with the Clydesdale Horses. I love that horse. I have a Clydesdale he is my gently giant. Love him with all my heart.

  • Beverly Clayton

    Awesome! I have a rescued kitty that is now the best bud of all my horses! She sits out in the pasture with them like a guard kitty……so very special is the relationship she has with the horses!

  • Dawn

    Can we just leave the politics out and enjoy it for what it is? The love of good friends. Definitely the best commercial I’ve seen yet.

  • Steph

    Unlikely friendships are often the best ones!! Love how they incorporate the adoption aspect in the commercial. Beauty!! It’s perfect and WILL melt the hearts of millions during the game. Yay for Budweiser!!! Somebody has taken the lead in responsible advertising!! Well done!

  • nono

    Well, I am as patriotic as the next fellow. So, what about all the folks that have been killed by drunk drivers? What should we tell their families to “melt their hearts”? Promoting drunkeness is not sweet.

    • Regina

      Who is promoting drunk driving….or even drunkenness for that matter? The existence of beer doesn’t cause either of those things. I am willing to bet that almost all people who have been killed or hurt by drunk drivers and most of their family are drinkers, at least occasionally. That doesn’t mean that THEY made the decision to drive drunk. People are responsible for their stupid decisions….not the companies that provide alcohol (or guns, or whatever).

    • FaithC

      What? Oh please. The makers of beer are not responsible for fools who drink to excess and then drive.
      This is a wonderful commercial of friendship and love between to unlikely companions. Animals are so much smarter than we are.

    • Jen

      I never respond to this kind of thing but nono I have to say your response made me go WHAT!!!!!! You took this wonderful commercial and turned it around to drunk driving and Budweiser promoting that in some way through this commercial. Wow I have no words!!!

    • Lisa Sullivan Edwards

      Nono—you are a dumbass! You have no business talking about what it’s like to lose someone to a drunk driver–unless you’ve actually lost a family member to one. The reason why I can say that is because I HAVE! My youngest son was killed by a drunk driver that was speeding, nearly 15 yrs ago. In no way, shape or form do I hold the beer company responsible–it was the driver’s fault pure and simple. This commercial was heartwarming from the first—the budding friendship between a small puppy & one of God’s most magnificent creatures.

  • hc

    Beer doesn’t cause the accidents. The people driving the cars drunk does!!!! Just like guns don’t kill people. It is the idiot behind the gun!!!

  • Bones

    Great commercial, I saw no politics intended in the ad. That’s the trouble with todays society, it is always looking to put a negative spin on anything that is good. The artist that sang on the commercial sounds like the lead singer of the Graskels, a Country bluegrass band

  • Cliff

    Best Budweiser SB ad.I wish I could adopt a puppy,however my wife and I live in a small place,with no safe place to let the puppy outside,it would be prey to the wild animals here in the Desert.The main reason is our adopted cat Claire,who has lived with us for 12years,she owns the place we are here only to meet her needs.

  • Sherry

    It’s a commercial that everyone can watch. They didn’t have anything about drunk driving, besides it is the choice of the person that drinks to much and gets behind the wheel or someone letting them get behind the wheel. This is a commercial of tender loving care between two different kinds of animals. Budwiser love it, it has my vote for commercial of the year. Please don’t read anything else in the commercial, let it be and enjoy the game and the commericals.

  • Nancy O'Keefe Dyer

    It really is a lovely sweet commercial, isn’t it? I had a good cry watching it…several times! Not being a football fan, I never watch the Super Bowl and until this week (when “Puppy Love” was released) I had never seen last year’s “Brotherhood”- the Bud ad with the trainer raising the foal. More tears!! It seems that most people watching these ads have had a real emotional reaction to the love in them… Bud is doing amazing work here! I don’t drink, so I am not running out to get a 6-pack… but I DO find myself wanting a puppy, a Clydesdale and a hunky horse trainer next door!!! ;-)

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