FOX8/WGHP telethon raises over $122,000 for hurricane victims – help still needed

Cold weather continues to pound the Piedmont

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Even though a Wind Chill Advisory for the Piedmont area expired Friday morning, the cold weather isn’t over just yet.

Over the weekend a little moderation as we climb back to the lower 40s on Saturday and mid 40s on Sunday.

Then another cold front moves through on Monday and lowers our temperatures again.

Highs back down to the lower 40s on Monday and into the 20s for highs again on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Through the period the weather will be mostly dry. However, we have to watch Wednesday as there may be a little pattern change that brings some moisture our way.

Friday's advisory was issued when unusually cold temperatures and breezy winds combine to create dangerously low wind chill values. Wind chill readings were at or below 0 degrees.

Due to the cold, some school systems operated on a delay Friday.

The N.C. Zoo in Asheboro remains closed to the public on Friday. The park will reopen Saturday.


  • Cripes A Mighty

    This is what you get when you get your education from FAUX News. I’m sure that if FAUX News and conservatives said the world was flat, you would believe that too. Seriously, you are free to be as stupid as you wish but when your stupidity and politics interfere with sound public policy on an issue that could result in the end of mankind surviving on this earth, then I have to call you out.

    I would suggest you do some actual research that does not come from a political TV channel, the Republican Party, Rush Limbaugh or website that is focused on politics and you might come away with a different point of view of what is really happening in this world.

    People who study and work in this field do so not because of politics, but because they love the work. Scientists do not get rich studying the earth, climate changes, and do not make millions of dollars when a company is forced to reduce toxic emissions from their industrial plants. If anything, the scientists should be treated with the respect they deserve because they actually care about what happens to mankind and the earth.

    Politicians only care about themselves and political donations so they can enrich themselves. Learn the difference and you will finally understand that when you drink the political Kool-Aid, you are the real sucker and idiot. Personally, I would trade every politician in our country for 10 good scientists. At least they have an honest job and actually solve problems and help people.

    Lastly, take a look at some recent pictures of the smog in China (and read some news articles about it too) and tell me that the pollutants in the air is not effecting the people or the environment. Again, educate yourself and stop replacing facts from scientists for propaganda from lying politicians, talk show radio hosts and TV networks.

    • Not Your Strawman

      Cripes – don’t you find it interesting that you and you alone went on and on and on and on about “FAUX” news, the republican party, etc. etc.? Being an independent has always worked for me since I find major faults with both political parties and the knuckleheads who abide by the bs from each. Folks have to strive for logical thinking vs. the hysterical emotional thinking as demonstrated in your post. I didn’t see any criticism in your post for hordes of liberals (Gore, Pelosi, Obama, etc.) who fly halfway around the world, each on separate planes to attend climate change conferences that could be participated in via teleconference and thus “saving” the environment that they’re so obviously worried about “the rest of us” destroying.

      You assume that everyone skeptical of global warming science falls into a simple box that you can easily label (how nice for you). It’s not an accurate portrayal. It’s a straw man argument and you lose all credibility. I believe in conservation (most folks do) and I’m open to science…..but I don’t see the benefit of being naïve nor do I personally understand the “I good person who believes / you bad person for not having same belief” caveman-like reward system.

      You’re self righteous…….100% sure of your “correctness”. The very scientists that you put up on the mountain are the same ones who predicted the ice age of the 90s and 00s. They’re human. They get paid for the work they do and yes, they do have a stake in the information they present. That doesn’t in and of itself make any of it right or wrong but to pretend as if “scientists” are some godly creatures put on earth for noble intentions is wacky at best. They’re people….and just as is true with journalists, they do tend to have particular points of views and personality types that support their funding. They’re not rocket scientists who make money selling rockets and can fund themselves doing so. They need tax payer money to do what they do. And yes – there are rich scientists who have made millions off of the science of global warming just as politicians (Gore being the first that comes to mind for most folks) do.

      For years I’ve read all sides of the global warming debate. One of the nice things about striving to be an independent thinker vs. an emotional thinker is that ITS OKAY to read all points of view rather than just spoon feed yourself one side or the other while beating your chest…..or worse, foolishly believing what you want to hear (and I think msnbc viewers are far more guilty of this than “faux” news; as an independent who prefers balanced arguments – “faux” news is actually far more balanced than msnbc and cnn when it comes to actual news – though Don Lemon has shown some objective even keel journalism at times lately on CNN.

      Weather is complicated, to put it mildly. Always has been. The weather models are complicated. The models that support global warming have a lot of flaws. What are the actual changes and to what degree are they caused by human activities? How much is simply evolving weather changes due to a million other factors? There’s far more that scientists don’t know than what they do know and we would all be wise, regardless of opinion, to realize that before making absolute statements of fact.

      You have an absolute, extreme view of global warming but there’s much more grey than black in white when it comes to the science. What I can tell you with certainty is this: Governments (including the U.S.) use any opportunity they can to increase taxes and spend (waste) money. Scientific research is just one of many ways they do this. So wonder which scientists are more likely to get funding for research? The ones who might be a bit more predisposed to SUPPORT the study of global warming, vs. those who are more objective and who might not necessarily report back what politicians want to hear (particularly those politicians who have a stake in global warming…..and those tend to be liberal politicians vs. conservative ones; given your lack of criticism for liberal politicians, you likely believe that the Pelosi’s and Reid’s of the world truly and passionately believe in global warming (you might want to check their air travel).. Nope. It’s all about money. And that’s where scientists absolutely have a stake too. Do you understand accounting? Familiar with generally accepted accounting principles that companies have to abide by when presenting their annual reports, filing their taxes, doing their books? Ever wonder why the U.S. government, that imposes GAAP for the good of the public doesn’t abide by GAAP themselves?
      Now that’s a discussion you’ll never see in the circles you’re running.
      Ever wonder why the unemployment rate does not factor in the number of folks who have quit looking for work due to a terrible job market, when not including those folks artificially makes it appear that employment is improving? I mean….the media would surely factor all of this data in when giving the unemployment rate since they’re all noble/good folk with nothing but the good of mankind in mind – right? I have feeling a lot of science works the same way. I’m still open minded and read all points of view…..but approach all of it with a healthy degree of skepticism. That makes for a lot less of a black and white world view and more of a grey one where not everything or everyone falls into simple little straw man boxes.

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