NAACP steps up rhetoric against Republican leaders

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Rev. William Barber, NC-NAACP

Rev. William Barber, NC-NAACP

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — The Rev. William Barber, the president of the N.C. NAACP, harshly criticized again Thursday the policies of Republican Gov. Pat McCrory and Republican legislative leaders that Barber maintains are unconstitutional, morally wrong and economically unjust to the state’s residents.

Barber said that the refusal of GOP leaders to expand Medicaid to cover an additional 500,000 North Carolinians as well as cutting unemployment benefits to 170,000 people, cutting public education, cutting taxes for wealthy individuals and implementing a voting identification law has harmed North Carolina.

“It’s wrong,” Barber said. “We got to fight it. Our goal is to take this state to a higher ground.”

He described those policies as a “Carolina coverup and a catastrophe.”

Barber made his comments during a news conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Winston-Salem as part of the NAACP’s Moral March Tour across the state. Barber spoke Wednesday in Asheville, and he was scheduled to speak in Greensboro and Burlington later Thursday.

The tour is designed to stimulate public interest in a scheduled Moral March on Raleigh on Feb. 8, Barber said. Organizers will lead demonstrators in a rally at the General Assembly building on Jones Street.

“It is part of a call for all of our people to come to Raleigh,” Barber said.

Last year, the Moral Monday movement attracted 17,000 people to protests outside the Legislative Building on Mondays when legislators gathered for their sessions. Barber told about 30 supporters Thursday at Emmanuel Baptist that Wake County prosecutors dismissed charges against more than 50 people who were arrested last year during the protests.

Barber told reporters Wednesday in Raleigh that the cases were dismissed after two protesters on trial Tuesday were acquitted by District Court Joy Hamilton of Wake County.

“The courts are now agreeing with us,” Barber said at Thursday’s news conference. “The DA office (has) to recognize this, that the state’s case is falling apart because you cannot pass rules that deny people’s constitutional rights to assembly and bring a redress of grievances to their government.”

McCrory, House Speaker Thom Tillis and Senate Pro Tem Phil Berger are supporting policies that “rob the poor of their rights,” Barber said. The state NAACP is targeting North Carolina because it is a Southern state, and the civil rights activists believe that if they can change oppressive government policies in Southern states, then they can change policies in other states, he said.

“This is the kind of movement that has always changed America,” Barber said. “We are called to a deeply moral and constitutional view of society.”

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  • Tim

    enough already…..trash talk for trash people….they make race worse by always relating to the past. Grow up folks, you have it better than most races right now!

  • Richard Nance

    W. Barber sez he wants to take the state to a Higher Ground, he must mean the “Spend and Tax” ideas of the Democratt Party, the state had 100 years of General Assembly rule of the Demoratts, they brought the State to the brink of economic ruin by their “Good Ole Boy” tactics….they brought to the state “No Raises for Teachers & State Employees” beginning in 2009 & the weasel Barber is trying to brainwash the Public into believing the GOP is the Party that began the dismantling of the Teaching profession & pushed great teachers into leaving and finding other jobs in other states for higher wages, but as usual, he is LYING & wants the Tax & Spend Liberals back into the majority in Raleigh so he can Pad his pockets again with money from the Demoratts, so, believe what you want to, but, if you do some research for yourself you might see what’s going on…

    • big Indian

      What does Barber do to earn a living? Is he like Jessie Jackson, another Race Hater Professional? Put the blame on someone else for your own shortcomings, make it the fault of the people that lived 400 years ago in Africa that conquered your tribe, made them slaves, sold them to white traders and shipped them west to the new world. Even then the truth hurt, learn it now and be honest with yourself you bunch of freeloaders looking for more handouts and affirmative actions.

      • Eagle2758

        The arabs had/have the biggest percentage of the slave trade then and now. They were the ones who bought/captured the slaves.

  • wayne swicegood

    Get a job; wash the Jerrie Curl out of your hair, and quit blaming white people for the fact that 80% of black babbies are born out of wedlock, young black males commit the vast majority of crimes against black folks. Until blacks set a higher standard for their leaders they will continue to have lazy slugs like Barber stirring up hatred.

  • Cyndi Goldfarb

    I have no white guilt for things I was not there to stop. You did not face the trials of your ancestry. Your lives have been better. I have faces as much discrimination for being a tall white overweight woman most of my life. I have never gotten and edge to be moved up because of it. I was the work grunt. Give it to her, she can do it. You need to bone up to the fact that the anger you provoke is not helping a healing process that needs to occur. Please quit grinding salt into a would. MLK wanted you to have equal opportunity and hoped that your character would prevail. Instead you have hidden behind your color to get what you want.

  • armedandaccurate

    Mr. Barber, the rest of us have suffered under the communist rule of the democrats for long enough. If you would like to take your merry band of followers to a different state currently run by communists, I am sure New York or California would be glad to take you in. I am not sure about your household, but North Carolina cannot survive by spending more money than it takes in. The only way to fix the destruction brought about by the communist democrats is to turn the takers into givers. Time for everyone to stop getting paid for not working and get a job. There is a job for everyone that really wants one.

  • frank sinner

    Once again nothing more than playing the wore out race card facts do not change for either party!! Check the crime stats for Chicago,Detroit with the Black on black and anyone else they can steal a dollar from!! I see Obammie and the other Rascist black leaders have taught this guy to play the game of distraction !!

  • Chucky1992

    Barber and the NAACP have become “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”… not meaning anything by ‘boy’. I think most people have tuned him out because of how often he complains.

  • WhitePower88

    I say pack up all the liberals gays jews blacks and mexicans and ship them up north where they belong!

  • stantheman

    The same Mr. Barber who went to S.C. and ranted against Sen. Scott because he is a black conservative. Mr. Barber wants everyone to remain on the plantation (democratic) and continue to vote like he tells you.

  • Larry Collins

    The news media needs to quit this pandering and stick to reporting some important news. The liberal news media continues to keep people stirred up and upset.

  • Smar Tasse.

    So in one year teachers got raises, state workers got increases, unemployment dropped 2 full percent and NAACP is not happy. But they are happy with a president that has increased families on food stamps, blacks have LOST more jobs and homes in 5 years than ever! They must hate success and live failure. Or is it they hate white people????

    • Patrick

      There you have it… ” So in one year teachers got raises, state workers got increases, unemployment dropped 2 full percent and NAACP is not happy. But they are happy with a president that has increased families on food stamps, blacks have LOST more jobs and homes in 5 years than ever! They must hate success and live failure ” answers itself.

      He hates success .

  • Elizabeth

    Is the fact the Obama Care has took months to “get fixed”, increased millions of premiums, caused many working people to have their hours cut ever been looked at by Mr. Barber… I guess not since the President of a different race than Governor McCory. I would invite Mr. Barber to visit the local Health Dept. and see just how many people receiving benefits drive very nice cars, live in very nice houses, smoke more than a pack a day and lie about their income. If you have a nice car, you are wearing a North Face coat, talking on your new IPhone, using your Ipad I highly doubt you need WIC, SNAP or any other assistance. Our system is so abused it is ridiculous. To see people like this speak out makes me sick. He has no clue what this state needs. We need people to work. Get off you tail and work. It is a cycle for these folks. They all know exactly how to work the system. A African American has more abilities for schooling and jobs than Caucasians they make the choice to be lazy. Not all but many. Groups like the NAACP will keep rasicm going.

  • Fooey

    Amen Elizabeth!!! Most people on government assistance can find a job but refuse to. (There are jobs available but just not to their liking.) They like the free gravy and know how to keep it coming….and the government does nothin about it. They just keep taking from the working folks and give to the lazy ones.

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