Guilford Co. Animal Shelter dealing with the cold

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- The recent stretch of cold weather is stretching the resources at the Guilford County Animal Shelter.

Just this week alone, it is hard to find extra room for more than 100 new animals.

Space was already tight at the shelter, but the recent cold snap has made it even tighter inside the shelter for animals that have to be brought in out of the elements.

The shelter is used to dealing with a few cold nights, but this winter, in general, and this week have been extreme.


  • Cripes A Mighty

    I have a suggestion Fox 8:

    If you are going to publish a news story, at least include enough information to make it worth reading. The lack of information only makes you look lazy or incompetent.

  • Diane Purcell

    Would be nice if they suggested those that want to help can bring blankets, towels, comforters etc to the shelter or donate food. Along with a number and address so people can be encouraged to come adopt a pet. sheesh..

    • Cripes A Mighty

      You are exactly right! I was looking for something as far as who was being quoted, what the issues were and what the public could do to help, but only a brief overview of the cold was mentioned.

      Pure laziness and Fox 8 should manage their website and employee’s with more professionalism.

  • t

    Three prepositions in a row. The comma usage is inappropriate as well. Are you outsourcing your reporting and editing to a country whose native language is not English?!

  • E

    Or perhaps be grateful that they’re even announcing this to the public. Considering those complaining have read this online, you also have the ability to use a search engine to find the location of this shelter.

    • FaithC

      I have to agree. The fee is way to high. I am sure more people would adopt a dog or cat if they did not have to pay over $100 to do it. I paid over $100 to adopt our pet.

    • Ladyhawk21

      if the fee was too low mean people could go in and get the dogs and used them for bad things like bait dogs for fighting

  • FaithC

    I have given up on any kind of proper grammar or spelling from Fox8. I also agree with others, why was there no address or number? A list of needed items would also be nice. Not everybody has the extra cash to donate, but they may have a blanket they can part with.

  • Anna Fischer

    The Money that they get is for food, roof over there heads,blankets,towels and shots for all the dogs and cats. I don’t think that is too much money. They have to get a pay check to live to. Maybe if people would not get pets that they can’t pay for in the first place maybe the shelter would lower the price. People really need to think before they get any kind of pets.Maybe people should go to the shelter and see for them self. my kids go there a lot to help out anyway they can. By walking and hugging the pets showing them that they are loved. My family got two very good dogs there and don’t understand WHY people can bring them to a shelter and just leave them. Would they do that to a child? So a $100 is not that much if you ask me. Just think of all the hard work that they have to do.

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