4 Thomasville men charged with sex offenses on 13-year-old girl

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Stacey Quinn, Austin McDonald, Cody Danford and Andrew Holder (left to right).

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — Police have charged four men in connection with sex offenses committed on a 13-year-old girl.

According to police, Stacey Marion Quinn, 20; Andrew Lee Holder, 21; and Austin Daniel Thomas McDonald, 19; all of Thomasville, were arrested Friday.

Quinn was charged with one count each of statutory rape and indecent liberties. He was placed in the Davidson County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

Holder was charged with one count of indecent liberties. He was placed in the Davidson County Jail under a $1,500 secured bond.

McDonald was charged with one count each of statutory rape, statutory sex offense and indecent liberties. He was placed in the Davidson County Jail under a $150,000 secured bond.

Cody Wayne Danford, 21, of Thomasville, was already in the Davidson County Jail on unrelated charges and is awaiting service of the warrant. He is charged with one count each of statutory sex offense and indecent liberties.

The investigation began on Oct. 24, 2013, after authorities were notified by staff at Iredell Memorial Hospital of a sexual assault.

The incidents reportedly occurred on multiple dates in 2013 leading up to when it was reported on Oct. 24.

All four men are scheduled to appear in court Feb. 26.


  • gary

    how do you know she went back for more? how do you know she wasn’t threatened ? how do you know anything about the story? wait until all the facts emerge.if it truly happened they are guilty because she was under the age of LEGAL consent.learn how the justice system works.it is all about the law .at least it is supposed to be.

    • Erynn

      I know all of them personally. Even the girl. All the guys would never do this and she constantly lies about everything. She’s lying about it. Especially Austin. I’m his girlfriend I have been for a year. He wouldn’t have done this.

      • Raven Youngblood

        STOP LYING…..from what YOU said about 7 hours ago from this posting, you guy were about to date….now all of a sudden, you’re his girlfriend and have been for a year….which lie do you want us to believe??

        January 28, 2014 at 3:39 pm
        Yeah me and Austin were about to date I’ve known him for a really long time he wouldn’t do this.

      • Erynn

        You can check Facebook records, his parents, and mine. We’ve been together since 2012. We went to warped tour together and I love him. On December 13, 2013 we decided to take a short break because I had to much going on with school. The day before he got arrested we made plans to goto dinner the next day and talk about making it official again. So yes we were “about” to date in a sense and we’d been together for a year. Just like with this vague article you don’t know the whole story. He didn’t do this. He wouldn’t.

  • USMC

    i know one of the for guys personally and i know he wouldnt do any of this he was about to go into the navy very soon and was on his way to a great life then a whore of a girl had to cry wolf and lie about 4 different guys “raping” her

  • Nikki

    Austin and I have been friends since his freshman year at ledford. I really don’t think he did this. But I have been wrong before. If he did do this I am gonna take a personal trip to thomasville to scream at him for as long as I feel like. Being a victim myself this scares me to the point where I am dumbfounded.

    • Raven Youngblood

      LOL, I suppose you need to get locked up for something yourself….it will be pretty hard to scream at him when he’s behind bars…..I hope the court system bar-b-ques his a$$…

  • eye for eye

    A good friend of mine is spending the next 35 yrs in prison. Another one of my friends kids were molested and the predator got 6 months home detention. My friend in prison did what I think should be done to any body convicted of any type of misconduct with a child regardless of circumstances. He made sure before the predator died that he knew why he was dying and took his time about it makeing him suffer for awhile. But not as long as my other friends kids will have to suffer, for the rest of there life. As a parent I feel like my friend is a hero who is a man of his word that went to prison with pride for doing what is right and should not be there for some child predator that should have been severly dealt with by our court system to begin with which is never enough. So yeah if they are guilty put them with my friend, He has taken two of them out of our misery and I am sure he would’nt give them home detention. Neither would I.

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