15-month-old Kannapolis girl dies after assault, police say

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Malaya Huen

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (WSOC-TV) — Kannapolis police are promising to get answers in the death of a 15-month-old girl.

Chief Woody Chavis wouldn’t discuss the girl’s injuries, except to say that they were severe. Sources familiar with the investigation have said she may have been sexually assaulted.

“This is probably the worst case I have been involved in in my career,” Chavis said Thursday, the day after the toddler died at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

Police have not identified the toddler but family members have told WSOC-TV the girl was Malaya Heun, and that her mother had left her with another family member Monday — the day she was rushed to the hospital.

“It broke my heart. That baby was full of laughter, full of smiles,” said Karen Freiman, who is a cousin of Malaya’s mother and who helped set up a Facebook page asking for prayers for Malaya.

“It rips my heart out, as a mother of three young girls, right now,” Freiman said.

Police are not naming any possible suspects in the case but said they were interviewing several people Thursday.

For friends and family prayers that are too late to save Malaya have turned to prayers for answers.

“Even for people that didn’t know the baby, it’s real hard,” said Lindsay Lydic, a friend. “There are so many prayers going up for her to pull through.”

Source: WSOC-TV


  • Emilie Haas

    This is horrible I keep hearing about more and more babies dying from abuse, I hope whoever did this get locked away for a long long time. In a way I wish they would do the same to him that he did to that baby girl.

  • Queen Bee

    How completely and utterly heartbreaking. What kind of depraved person could commit acts such as these on a helpless child?

  • Richard Nance

    Whoever did it should be Shot on Sight, either by the Police or Any citizen carrying a gun and even that would be too good for whoever it is. If he does live long enough to go to trial, it will go on for years and years and even if convicted he might not receive the death penalty because of the Inept Judicial System in the state of NC….I’ll say it again, whoever it is should be shot on sight!!

  • Kim Bush

    Whomever did this to this baby needs to pay dearly…..How the hell can anyone hurt a baby……or any child for that matter!!!!! male or female they need to pay. This baby didn’t have to die. Find the person and then let the inmates loose and just turn your back n let them do what needs to be done.

  • FaithC

    What is wrong with people? Just reading this turns my stomach. The person who did this needs to have the same done to him. This is so sick, twisted and sad.

    • Melissa

      Seriously!? She has a swollen lip so she has been abused since birth? Get a life, babies are alway falling and worse, that’s why that are called toddlers because they toddle, they don’t walk. Surely this family has been through enough without you accusing them of abuse.

  • pissed off mom of 3

    I am so sick of reading of these horrible crimes. When will this country realize that we are too easy on these sick people. We need to kill these people the same way they kill their victims. if I was the mother or father of this child…..I would get my gun and first shoot his d$!#* off, watch him suffer while he is bleeding out and then I would blow his head off. Please dont waste taxpayer money on this sick individual….make him die. These people cannot be rehabilitated.

  • Judy

    what is going on in this world, when someone has to do this to a innocent child, God precious children, They need to be put in a room and beat them with wire them they cant stand it and beat them more, Makes me so made

  • cynthia

    I feel that all sexual preditors should be put on another planet, what they do on that planet…………. I could care less but these babies, toddlers and teens should never have to be put through this. It is wrong!!!!!!!!!!!

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