UNC football player Travis Hughes charged with assault

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Travis Hughes

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) — School officials said a linebacker for the UNC football team has been charged after an assault apparently over parking.

Officials said 21-year-old Travis Hughes has been suspended from all team activities after an altercation with a parking attendant.

The officer who took the call said they were responding to a fight, but once they got there, Hughes had driven away. He was arrested shortly after on Hibbard Drive.

Hughes is a junior at UNC and a starting linebacker for the football team. He’s from Virginia Beach and is majoring in communication studies.

Source: WTVD


  • Mark Stabler

    It’s time for the Administration at UNC-CH to call each and every athlete in and make them aware that the new policy there is one strike and you are out. If they don’t qualify for admission let them go somewhere else. Based on the caliber of play being demonstrated at UNC it’s hard to believe that exceptions for entrance or classes have been made. If exceptions were made those making those selections need a careful review as well.

  • PeteandCarrie Hutchens

    Just add this to the others..

    Dec 2: UNC professor is indicted for fraud due to accepting payment for classes he never taught

    Dec 31: New York Times publishes A’s for Athletes, pointing out that N’yangoro was made chairman of AFAM in 1992, immediately preceding UNC’s basketball title under Dean Smith (which included 4 starters majoring in the new AFAM degree)

    Jan 2: Bloomberg’s Businessweek writes a column asking whether a prestigious school like UNC would allow any department to become a fraud in the manner in which they allowed AFAM to become one (insinuating racist undertones in Chapel Hill), with the author saying that UNC is turning N’yangoro into a “scapegoat” for what was, at root, an athletics scandal.

    Jan 6: Bloomberg writes a second column in which the author says he has spoken to several whistleblowers at UNC who are planning on coming forward; he says he plans on covering the story much more over the coming weeks and months.

    Jan 6: NPR airs a segment nationally in which they discuss the academic-athletic connections of UNC’s academic fraud scandal.

    Jan 6: New York Times publishes an editorial in which the editor says it’s a “fiction” that the fraud wasn’t an attempt to protect athletes’ eligibility

    Jan 8: CNN publishes an expose in which they cite research data showing that at least 68% of UNC football/basketball players tested below an 8th grade reading level, with 8-10% testing below a 4th grade level. The author points out that college textbooks are, at a minimum, written at an 8th grade reading level. A former tutor named Mary Willingham claims that she worked with several illiterate athletes, including a basketball player who “couldn’t read or write”.

    Jan 10: UNC and Roy Williams respond to the CNN report. Roy says that CNN’s findings “aren’t true” and are “totally unfair”. UNC issues a statement saying “We do not believe that claim and find it patently unfair to our student-athletes”. UNC administrators also claim that the whistleblower has refused to turn over the data supporting her claims.

    Jan 10: CNN reports that their UNC whistleblower, Mary Willingham, stands by her claims despite UNC/Williams’ statements. She also says that she emailed UNC administrators several times over the last several years in an attempt to discuss her research with them; she also points out that the data from the research is UNC’s own internal data, which they can access at any time.

    Jan 10: Willingham submits a sworn deposition in which she says “Teaching letters, short vowel sounds, and basic sentence structure became the most important and time-consuming part of my job”. She also repeats her accusations that counselors were pushing athletes towards no-show classes and that the entire scheme of fake classes and faux tutoring was “a special curriculum…designed to keep athletes eligible”.

    Jan 11: Willingham offers to meet with Roy Williams and discuss any of his players that she’s tutored, including the one she claims couldn’t read or write.

    Jan 11: Emails surface that show Willingham had notified UNC administrators in July and August about her research and wanted to meet with them about it. These emails surface after UNC had claimed Willingham had not been responding to their requests to meet.

    Jan 14: Willingham says on ESPN’s Outside the Lines “We as academic advisors directed athletes to these paper classes. We knew they existed. I believe the administration knew they existed.”

    Jan 15: Former UNC football player Michael McAdoo says that counselors in UNC’s Academic Support Program for Student-Athletes “pretty much pushed me into that [no-show] class.”

    Jan 15: Comedy Central The Colbert Report video: http://www.colbertnation.com/…onsor-shout-out

    Jan 16: Radio interview on 99.9 fan: Mary Willingham : http://www.wralsportsfan.com/w…hange/13305599/

    Jan 16: Radio interview on 560TheTeam-Columbia, SC : Dan Kane: http://www.560theteam.com/medi…erver-24199703/

    Jan 16: Sara Ganim from CNN gives Update on the latest: http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/16/…-investigation/

    Jan 16: Tonight’s ESPN OTL podcast: Bubba Cunningham/Dan Kane:http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?id=10306654

    Jan 17 : AP: UNC Halts Willingham Research: http://m.apnews.com/ap/db_2687…ntguid=5uSG5bow

    Jan 18: UNC Makes the Wrong response to Whistleblower

    Jan 18 : CNN Responds


    Jan 20: Businessweek: Barrett on UNC Administration Failures/Cover-up. Four Blunt Points about UNC, Sports, & Corruption.

    Jan 21 : Schalin: Pope Center: In growing Sports Scandal, UNC Shoots the Messenger

  • FaithC

    You have, what I will assume is a free ride, you get to play the sport you enjoy, you have a chance for an education and you toss it all away because you got into a fight. Curb your temper, walk away, call the police if need be. No you choose to deal with it with violence and you now stand to lose everything. Fool.

  • cc

    expect nothing less from NC Tarheels. They should turn the school into the NC State Prison. Nothing but a bunch of Thugs and crooks…………………………………………………….A shame the University is even in NC.

    • Patrick

      on the bright side for unc football fans, lineback travis hughes finally hit somebody, even if it was a meter maid.

      Got to love University of New Crayons..

  • Patrick

    Just saw a copy of the Travis Hughes police report from a interested third party.

    Here are the details (and lack of) from the UNC Police:

    Travis Hughes “allegedly” assaulted a parking officer at 9:20 Am and then fled in his vehicle. He was later apprehended after a chase at the corner of McCauley & South Columbia St by UNC police.

    No mention in the report of what car Mr. Hughes was driving, or was ticketed? that led to incident. Very strange for that to be omitted from the report. Seems to be the issue that provoked the alleged assault was Hughes car being ticketed in the first place. Very weird.

    Need to release what car he was driving. You never know whom it may belong to in Chapel Hill. Talbert towing took the vehicle from the scene

  • Tim

    He probably wasnt able to read the ‘No Parking’ sign since he must be one of those illiterate athletes at UNC who reads on a 2nd grade level.

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