Justin Bieber arrested on suspicion of DUI, drag racing

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Justin Bieber (Miami Beach Police)

MIAMI — Pop star Justin Bieber was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence and drag racing Thursday morning, a Miami Beach, Florida, police spokesman said.

Bieber was driving a yellow Lamborghini that police saw drag racing a Ferrari in a residential area of Miami Beach, police spokesman Bobby Hernandez said

Bieber showed “signs of impairment” and failed a field sobriety test, Hernandez told CNN. He was then taken into custody and booked on a drunken driving charge, he said.

Two SUVs “actually blocked the traffic at 26th and Pine Street so that they could race on Pine Street, almost making it like a makeshift race track,” Hernandez said.

The Ferrari’s driver, whom Hernandez called “an associate of Bieber,” was also arrested on a drunken driving charge, he said. That person has not yet been publicly identified.

Bieber, 19, flew to Miami on Monday.

Another police department in the Miami area is investigating a report that some of its officers escorted Bieber’s caravan between Miami strip clubs this week with authorization.

Opa-Locka Assistant City Manager David Chiverton told CNN affiliate WSVN-TV that “at some point the escort took them at least to two locations that we know of.”

“The police administration had no knowledge of this escort, and it is not the norm for those things to occur without the chief and his administration authorizing such escorts,” Chiverton told the TV station.

Thursday’s incident marks the first time the teen singer has been arrested, although he is under investigation on allegations of egging his California neighbor’s home.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies used a felony search warrant last week to raid Bieber’s mansion in the felony vandalism investigation. They seized Bieber’s iPhone and the security camera system, which detectives have been examining for clues about who tossed eggs over a fence that splattered onto the next-door house causing an estimated $20,000 in damages.

Deputies have also investigated reports by Bieber’s neighbors that he raced his expensive sports car down the streets of the exclusive Oaks community of Calabasas, California, but no charges ever resulted.

One neighbor accused Bieber of spitting in his face during a heated confrontation last March. Deputies have responded to complaints about loud parties at Bieber’s place.

The Los Angeles County district attorney’s office concluded it couldn’t prove the spitting or speeding cases in court, so it declined to prosecute.

Prosecutors also rejected a misdemeanor battery complaint from a photographer who accused Bieber of attacking him in the parking lot of a Calabasas shopping center as he was taking photos of Bieber and his then-girlfriend, Selena Gomez, in May 2012.

“We didn’t do this search warrant to send a message,” Sheriff’s Lt. David Thompson said last week. “That’s not what we do, but we hope maybe that understanding the gravity of this will change some of the behavior.”


  • WhoCares

    He was released from his baby crib too soon, needs to go back….And doesn’t he look like his twin Miley, the hair and all….

  • Tim

    Punk a$$ kid will hopefully get what he deserves once and for all. The law never prosecutes these people and when they are this arrogant and young and wreckless, nothing but trouble spewing their way which usually involves inncoent bystanders. Punks like this who are idolized by teens and teeny boppers who are raised right by parents but led in wrong direction due to their idols. Put this sorry kid in prison where he belongs for a long long time. His time as the idol pop star should have ended years ago!

  • Chucky1992

    The problem is he has way more money than he has sense. He can afford to rent a car that he has no business driving. He won’t serve time for this. Money talks and he’ll pay an expensive attorney to get him out of it. He’s on a slippery slope though and it is only a matter of time before he is taught a lesson… probably a long time. I do agree though… they should prevent him from entering the USA until he can get his act straight. They won’t do it but they should.

    • JT

      I’ll wager he won’t be around long enough to be taught a lesson in prison, Chucky. After the egging escapade, police found a buddy of his in possession of cocaine and arrested him. Right now, Beebs is blazing; however, if he’s hanging around coke heads, it’s just a matter of time. Put simply, I bet you hear of him overdosing on cocaine or purple drank before you hear of him serving prison time.

  • thomas

    Just another spoiled celebrity who thinks they are above the law…but as we saw in recent weeks, even celebrities like Paul Walker, and Justin Bieber, cannot escape their own mortality. As for Bieber, at the rate he is going, he won’t live to see 21, so he had better drag race, smoke pot, hit the nudie bars, hire prostitutes, and egg houses while he still can, LOL.

  • P.Miller

    This little punk thinks it’s funny and he thinks because of who he is, he won’t get into trouble. I would treat him just like any other civilian that was charged with DUI and drag racing…….but this is Florida laws we are talking about. I’m sure we all remember how the George Zimmerman trial turned out. Heck you can kill someone in Florida and be set free.

    • FaithC

      Yes in the state of FL you are allowed to defend yourself. If a common street thug is going to attack you, well then you have the right to defend yourself to the fullest extent of the law.

      • JT

        I’m sure Florida is your kind of place, Faith. There, you can stalk a young black man for no good reason, instigate a fight you know you will use, kill him and get off scott-free. Open season on black people–given your past comments regarding race, I’m not sure why you haven’t moved there already. You could wear your pretty white cloak and carry a gun…shangri-la for racists.

    • Tim

      Hey JT…….he fought the law and Zimmy won…..why do we keep going back to a trial where he was found innocent, but yet you people keep saying he wasnt….there was a trial held and he was presumed innocent. Do we keep talking about OJ Simpson and how he murdered that white woman, NO! Because he went to trial and was found innocent, so case closed. Get off your racist self and accept the court rulings already….people like you that make race an issue!

      • countryboy1

        No read the earlier comments somebody white oobviously brought up the Zimmerman case…and if u dont think race is an issue you’re an idiot

      • Tim

        Hey CountryBoy…..you can tell by the name P. Miller that they are white huh? Maybe you should call up the dwieb and ask him if he needs some smarts in his entourage since you feel as if you know the impossible.

  • Tim

    By the looks of his jail pic, he seems to not be so attractive as the teeny boppers seem. Facial blemishes and irritated skin. I guess even he is human and without tons of man makeup, he is a nobody. Just a matter of time until he either kills himself or someone else. The law is to blame as well giving him everything he wants without question as if he is the Prez of the US! treat him no different than us coppers!

  • mbierlik

    PEOPLE…people, don’t get all worked up, he will O.D. soon and that will be the end of that. On to the next thing…..

  • Mark Stabler

    Since other cars were used to block off traffic this was obviously pre-arrainged racing. Both of these high dollar vehicles should be confiscated and sold or used by the Police Department. He really needs to be deported and not allowed to re-enter the United States. If he was just an average citizen it wouldn’t be so easy to obtain a visa to come to the US. Plenty of hard working individuals would love to come here that can’t. Seems like all these entertainers and athletes are automatically admitted. The fact is, he is just average, and not a citizen at all.

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