Guilford County Sheriff’s Office buys new crime scene equipment

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — The Guilford County Sheriff’s Office has announced the arrival of a new piece of equipment that will allow a crime scene to be captured in 3D.

Sheriff B.J. Barnes said the 3D Crime Scene Capture System was purchased from 3rd Tech, a company based in Durham, N.C.

Barnes said the system uses the Focus3D Laser scanner and SceneVision-3D software to measure and photograph crime scenes quickly and accurately.

The result is a 3D computer graphics model of a crime scene, according to deputies.

Officials said investigators can use the model to look at a crime scene from any view point and can measure virtually all objects at the scene.

Deputies said it can also be shown in court to bring the jury to the crime scene.

Guilford County deputies said the Crime Scene Investigative Unit has received its initial training on the new system this week.


  • Tim

    great job….as if sheriff’s actually go to crime scenes…they are jail guards and escorts for prisoners. just another toy to collect dust and loan out to the police dept. You guys watch to many CSI shows!

    • Trav May

      And just who, pray tell, polices the parts of the county outside of Greensboro, Highpoint, Jamestown, and other cities? The county sheriff offices do, that’s who.
      Actually, they have jurisdiction over their whole respective counties.

      WOW, it baffles the mind that you could be that ignorant.

      I mean, REALLY???

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