Mother, two children killed in car wreck in Forsyth Co.

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FORSYTH COUNTY, N.C. -- A mother and two children were killed in a two-vehicle wreck in Forsyth County Sunday night.

The accident happened around 8:38 p.m. on U.S. 311 near Salem Chapel Road.

Troopers say a Dodge Neon crossed the center line and hit a Tundra pickup truck head-on.

The driver of the Dodge, Gina Carabalo, 41, of 803 Bowan Lake Drive, Kernersville, was killed, along with her daughter, Kayla Carabalo, 12.

Her daughter's friend, Breanna Burrow, 11, of Walnut Cove, was also killed in the wreck.

"It's just heartbreaking for us," said Kerrie Combs, Carabalo's neighbor.

Combs says the news of Gina and her daughter's death was a hard hit to their small community in Kernersville.

"I was just shocked," Combs said. "I had just seen them, and to hear that this happened was just -- it just shocked us all. We were just so sad."

Officials say the Dodge hit the truck and burst into flames. They were unable to tell if anyone was wearing seat belts.

John Stafford, 54, of Walnut Cove, and his wife, Cheryl Stafford, 52, were in the truck and were injured. Neither were wearing their seat belts.

Both were taken to Baptist Hospital. John is listed in good condition; Cheryl is in critical condition.

The cause of the accident is unknown. There was no indication of alcohol, drugs or cell phone distraction. Weather was not a factor.

"This is the first time we've had a wreck of this magnitude on that stretch of 311," said Sgt. Paul Clark, of the North Carolina State Patrol.

"Our hearts go out to the family," he said.

No charges will be filed.


  • FaithC

    Sad, so sad. Two families with such a horrible loss and an another two in distress. People need to keep their eyes on the road at all times.
    Just so sad.

  • Melissa Holder

    I was detoured due to this wreck…had I gotten off work a few minutes earlier, it could have been me. I really hate it had to be anyone at all. So sad.

  • ashley ballew

    I work with the mother of the driver and the grandmother of one of the little girls. Please pray for this family as well as the other little girls family during this tragic time.

  • Charlee

    Why did the have to put their road name and house number? :( praying for both families and friends. This is horrible.

  • J

    That is less than a mile from where I live….such a tragedy. My son is in training to be a Jr volunteer firefighter with the fire dept. that responded to that but he was not on Sunday Standby. (thank God he is only 14 1/2) It could have been anyone of my kids involved in that accident. My daughter got home from church early last night, and my other daughter got of work at 7:00 last…both of them go by the road. What an eye opener as to how I take the little things for granted everyday and just assume when someone leaves the house they will return unharmed. Prayers and my deepest symathies for all involved that God helps them during this terrible time.

  • Lauren

    Please pray for Breanna’s family as well for they are trying to cope with losing their 11 year old daughter. Thank you

  • Tina

    I knew Gina, I haven’t seen her in awhile but she was a loving mother an I would bet they were buckled up. I feel that is the least of these families worries right now too. It would not have changed the out come. God called three angels home an may he provide the families with strength an courage during this most tragic time :'(

    • Roseann Boles

      Ricky I have heard a lot about you! Im sorry and I would love for you to contact me. Try to find me on fb….Roseann Realmuto Boles

  • Shannon

    These families are in my prayers. Both of the girls were friends of my daughter. This is so heart breaking.

  • c m

    Same thing happened here last week, head on collision, the girl that was hit was pronounced dead on the scene and she was wearing get seat belt, the other driver that caused it was under the influence of something (not alcohol) and was in the hospital but now he is incarcerated. I know the girls mom’..had another wreck a couple of days later where a girl getting off work from the store right up the street was with her boyfriend (who was drinking) and he went off the road into a ditch and she was ejected and hit a concrete barrier, was in the hospital with brain injuries and later died…the first girl was 27 (with a boy that was around 7 or 8 and a 3 month old daughter) and the other girl was 26…I didn’t know either but I know both of their parents…even worse is that the first one with the children, her mother didn’t know because she was in the hospital and her daughter had just left–this poor woman also had a son commit suicide a few years ago…everyone PLEASE send prayers out to all these families, and please be safe out there! You just never know…

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