Nun gives birth in Italy, names child after Pope Francis

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Pope Francis

RIETI, Italy — A nun who gave birth to a boy has named him after Pope Francis, although she said she didn’t know she was pregnant.

The BBC reported that the 31-year-old nun went to a hospital in Italy with stomach pains and ended up giving birth earlier this week.

The woman said she had no idea she was pregnant and just thought she just had cramps.

People at the hospital have started collecting clothes and donations for the mother and her child, according to Italian news outlets.

The nun is from El Salvador but lives near Rieti, Italy, in a convent that manages a nursing home. She plans on keeping the baby.

Read more: The BBC


  • stinger90

    Either she couldn’t resist temptation or it’s a virgin birth. Her name wouldn’t be Mary by chance would it?

    • Nathan

      There is also the very real possibility that she is a missionary nun and was raped, as happens all to frequently, especially in hostile regions. I think we might do well to reserve judgment until we have all the facts.

  • KingKen

    God love her and her child-!!! Can you imagine what the circumstances would be like if she had chosen to murder the fetus-? All Catholics are sinners. In a spirit of forgiveness every nun in that convent will nurture that child into adulthood. This truly may be a blessing…especially for the child.

  • Larry Abramson

    Celibacy for priests and nuns has no real biblical basis. In fact, the first commandment God gives humanity is “be fruitful and multiply,” and he gives it TWICE, just to emphasize the fact. Celibacy in the Catholic Church was instituted and still continues for a very simple reason. Priest and nuns are not only cheap labor, but more importantly, as the have no children, their wealth all reverted to this greedy institution. The genetic culling of the most intelligent boys and girls of the peasant class during the Middle Ages both deprived the class of leadership, and led to the dumbing down of the European population where the Church held sway for long periods. Not so strange that even today, there are far more Nobel laureates from Scandinavia, England and the Netherlands than from catholic parts of Europe. And of course, the Jews, who prioritized intelligence in their children, rather than religiously castrated, continued unscathed by this self-inflicted stupidity. Pope Francis is an improvement over the sad collections of pontiffs that followed the last really good one…John XXIII, but I will not believe he is more than window dressing until he gets rid of the vow of celibacy

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