Former Davidson County Schools employee charged with stealing school money

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Meredith Moore Bame

LEXINGTON, N.C. — A Thomasville woman formerly employed with Davidson County Schools has been charged with obtaining property by false pretense using school funds.

Meredith Moore Bame, 33, of Thomasville, was charged with five counts of obtaining property by false pretense.

According to police, human resources personnel with Davidson County Schools reported to the sheriff’s office on Nov. 13, 2013, that a former employee had obtained money on gift cards at several Food Lion stores without authorization.

After an investigation was conducted, it was discovered that Bame had obtained in excess of $10,000 at five different Food Lion stores on gift cards using money from the Davidson County Schools account.

The incidents occurred on numerous dates between June 2013 and November 2013 when the offender was an employee of the school system.

Bame was served with warrants for arrest and was released on a $25,000 unsecured bond. She is scheduled to appear in court Feb. 25.


    • Gordon Ingram

      Davidson County Schools is not a loan agency! Not to mention the fact that we are talking about FIVE different Food Lion stores. Do you mean to tell me that this woman visited each of these locations in the SAME DAY, spent DCS money and then paid it back? Please… You obviously would show the same lack of morals that this employee did.

    • Mo

      Too bad. She’ll never work in school systems again or a bank it even a convenient store with cash handling :( sad. Praying for her family.

    • Gordon Ingram

      Are you kidding me? Another supporter of this creep talking about money being “paid back” like it was an honest, above-board part of this woman’s job. Okay, if it is truly like that, have FOX8 do a follow-up story about how this employee’s actions were totally misunderstood and that she has been falsely accused of embezzlement. I can’t wait to see it.

      • Chad

        Slow down there bud, I’m not supporting what she did and didn’t say anything about her being “misunderstood” as you put it. All I said was that they should have included that information. You came up with the rest of that nonsense.

        These types of stories frequently leave out information. No matter who it’s about.

  • toughluck

    So she got caught and paid the money back so that makes it ok? Would shehave given it back if she didnt get caught?

    • Brandi

      you clearly do not know this family if that is your take on it. besides, who are you to place judgement on her? get a life!

  • Larry

    Many criminals would pay stolen money back if that get them off the hook and out of jail. Have we changed the rules for certain persons.

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