UNC Chancellor addresses student literacy

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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WTVD) — The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is once again defending their academics surrounding student-athletes.

According to WTVD, Chancellor Carol Folt sent out an e-mail Thursday to the campus community addressing reports about student literacy.

It comes as the university works to sort out research by Mary Willingham, a UNC learning specialist.

Willingham claims that dozens of Carolina student-athletes read at elementary and middle school levels.

She also has said only 10 percent of the athletes she screened were “functionally literate” and 39 percent were learning disabled.

The university has questioned the research, but former football player Michael Mcadoo called the academic environment for athletes at UNC “a scam,” in a recent interview with a local newspaper.

Meanwhile, Folt says she is taking the “claims very seriously.”

“We have been unable to reconcile these claims with either our own facts or with those data currently being cited as the source for the claims,” said wrote in part in the e-mail. “Nevertheless, we are investigating all the claims being made and, if they are found to have merit, I will take all appropriate actions.”

Source: WTVD


  • Frank

    UNx isn’t working to “sort out” anything. Activity involving covering certain parts of their now exposed anatomy is more like it.
    The cracks in the white tower of virtue and righteousness continue to spread and what is coming out isn’t pretty nor does it smell very nice.

  • Frank

    Poor, poor ron. Bu++hurt blue is actually the color! Thanks for reminding us all of Jim Valvano..who was totally exonerated by the NCAA. Of course, you have to be able to read the report to understand that. Are YOU a UNx athlete and incapable of doing so? By the way, the President can crack all the jokes he wants as he presents a $70 million investment in North Carolina STATE University.

    • ron

      I know its hard for my State friends sometimes to deal with, but their
      obsession with all that is Carolina is amazing.

  • PeteandCarrie Hutchens

    “Michael McAdoo, who now plays professional football in Canada after being cut from an NFL team, said he didn’t mind at the time that he was getting good grades for almost no effort at a highly competitive university. But now, he says of UNC’s recruiters, “they said academics is the first thing they were going to push — ‘You are going to do academics and then play sports.’ But come to find out it just felt like it was all a scam.” ”

    He to must be a State Fan… What !!!…

  • ron

    The standards expected at UNC from around the country are very high.
    For any school to stand against all the scrutiny that UNC has been put thru is unbelievable. Fixing the problems there are constantly under the microscope that few schools could endure. All this blow back on message boards seem to all originate from State fans and jealous sport fans across the country. Willingham and Jay Smith have their own agendas, while Dane Kane has made his position clear from his 100 or so articles that are constantly emailed to the NCAA, not to change or insure the education of students, but to further his Carolina envy rage agenda,

    • PeteandCarrie Hutchens

      UNCCH used their fraudulent graduation rates to diminish the image of their rivals. Imagine how effective it must have been for a UNCCH recruiter to look a recruit (and their parents) in the eye and guarantee that they would get a college degree, unlike XYZ University that only graduates 60%! Their rival schools were damaged by the negative image of failing a third or more of their black male athletes when, in truth, they were graduating two thirds of them after demanding that their athletes do real academic work. Who were the real winners after all?

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