Time limit set for dining in at select McDonald’s

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NEW YORK -- Some of the McDonald's franchises in New York are setting time limits for their customers who dine in.

According to WPIX, a McDonald’s in Flushing, Queens gives their customers 20 minutes to gobble down their meal.

Some are overstaying their welcome, and the restaurant is trying to give them the boot.

It was reported that the fast food franchise is complaining that clusters of seniors linger for hours as they nurse a coffee or share a bag of fries while chatting with each other.

They say it hurts business.

Other McDonald's franchises say teenagers are the problem and tend to hang out at the fast food joint when there's no where else to go.

Similar policies have been implemented at other McDonald's locations around the country.

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  • FaithC

    Seniors and teens are not the problem they want to deal with. They just don’t want to come across as not caring. It is the homeless that buy a cup of coffee and then spend the day because it is warm. The ones that are open late at night have the homeless coming in and sleeping at the tables.
    If you have ever been to NYC, Queens, Bronx or Brooklyn you would understand.

  • kay

    If I was told I had 20 minutes to eat, I would not buy there food. you can not rush eating. Also it takes them 10 minutes sometimes to even get your food.

    • WhoCares

      In many factories lunch is a 20 minute paid period….Deal with it or get fired….Personally I can do lunch in under 5….Stuff a Snickers down and be done with it….Now quit boohooing and get back to work before your job is exported….

      • Randy Jessup

        Your name says it for us, we do not care how fast you can eat a snickers. I will choose to not spend my money at a restaurant that rushes me through my meal. I rarely go out for lunch (I know you do not care about my situation just as I couldn’t give a flying frick what your situation is.) but if I go out to eat I am going to take my time and enjoy my meal. The seniors will just choose another restaurant that will be happy to get their business. The teenagers well they are a problem that many businesses have to deal with so unless people are turning away because they can not get a seat then in the immortal words of Killery Klinton “what difference does it make?”

  • Catherine Carver

    Guess I’ll start eating at Hardee’s and Wendy’s. Sometimes a fast food restaurant is one of the few places seniors can sit and talk and enjoy their meal and if the teenagers are hanging out there then they are not going other places they don’t need to be.

  • ranran

    Really is this the world has come to… so what a group of elderly man or women linger a little while, after they drink their coffee or eat a biscuit. what’s the problem you have plenty of seats left, god forbid they have live a long life and now is retired and just want to seat eat and talk in a friendly place with others they age. McDonalds please. aint nobody got time for that!!!

  • Get Over It

    One thing alot of you are forgetting.. you are only a customer if you are SPENDING MONEY…. if you’ve spent $6 dollars for a meal and ate it in 10 minutes then proceed to lounge around for 40 mins to an hour and have not bought anything else.. you are no longer a customer until you buy something again.. Same thing applies when you go to the mall.. If you are just walking around loitering and NOT spending money at all in any store.. you are NOT a customer.. it just makes you a loiterer and the establishment has the right to ask you to leave. I think Mcdonalds raises a valid point. I also think to much of society has an over elevated sense of self entitlement.

  • Tonya Rockhold

    I think 45 minutes to an hour would be more reasonable, good gosh give people time to chew! I get the loitering thing and that’s true your one meal doesn’t entitle you to hours in the establishment but at least give them time to eat and enjoy their meal and maybe talk a little while they eat. After that if they want to continue to stay require that they make another purchase. But 20 minutes is crazy! I wouldn’t eat there. I’d go to another fast food place they are all usually clumped together.

  • Ian

    I’m sorry, this isn’t exactly news as this has been the norm at the McDonalds restaurant in Washington DC (just north of the capital) for years! It is simply an attempt to curb the homeless from sitting in there all day and taking up a seat that another paying customer would like to use. Around here, the seniors have a daily or weekly bingo game and it seems to generate business in the post lunch, pre dinner time frame. I don’t see a problem with that at all- but I do understand the need to move customers through the restaurant at peak times and to limit the time to the free internet squatters who set up laptops for hours a day in the creepy guy corners of the restaurant. The Lord only knows what they are doing.

  • Logan James Denny

    Does anyone else remember when businesses actually used to consider Customer Service to be a pretty important concept? I do. Albeit, it becomes more and more difficult to remember such a time with each passing day…

  • mopps

    People will stop comign if they are harrassed into gulping down food in 20 minutes. Those on a lunch break wont stay long anyway.

  • Chuck B

    I understand their problem of homeless people staying longer than need be but, eating fast is unhealthy. There are plenty of studies to back this up. And to the guy who eats in 5 minutes or less…

    “Their study showed that eating a 690-calorie meal in five rather than 30 minutes induced up to 50 per cent more acid reflux episodes as the digestive tract is overloaded with larger lumps of food, prompting an overload of stomach acid.”


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