Seasonal flu deaths rise to 27

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Officials with the Department of Health and Human Services have reported five more deaths related to the flu, bringing the total up to 27 deaths since Oct. 5, 2013.

Two of the recent deaths were reported in Guilford County.

Information about these two people is unknown at this time.

State health officials said Monday an infant from eastern North Carolina is the first child to die from the flu during the 2013-14 season.

The infant was too young to receive a flu vaccine.

Last week, DHHS officials reported 21 deaths associated with seasonal influenza.

Of those, 19 were young and middle-aged adults, most of whom had underlying medical conditions.

Source: WSOC

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  • Chucky1992

    At what point do they declare it an eppidemic? There really should be more news / updates about how these deaths are occuring. Are they because of respiratory problems or other complications that develop after contracting the flu or is it strictly the flu that is causing the deaths. Are the symptoms for those who have died the same and what are they? The public has not been informed with answers to these questions and the answers could be a way to prevent more deaths.

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