Rain causes drainage problems in Winston-Salem

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- The recent steady flow of rain is causing a strain on the water drainage system in Winston-Salem.

The harder it rains the more water residents like Giorgio Hiatt has sitting in a pool outside his home on Westover Avenue.

"It's just a lot of water that comes right here," said Hiatt, pointing to the curb outside his home.

Even with about a half dozen storm drains along Westover, water still can't get completely down and often flows into his driveway and backyard.

It’s a scene city officials say isn't just happening to him.

"Last weekend, during those heavy rains, we had 60 calls come into the city of water ponding on a road, a clogged inlet," said Ryan Newcomb, assistant director of the city’s department of transportation.

"It's just a lot of water that you have to contend with and try to get off of the roads," he said.

Newcomb says the problem is caused by lots of water going into drains covered in leaves and debris or pipes that may be old.

Case in point-- last week's rain caused a pipe and part of the sidewalk to collapse on Pine Valley Road.

"You may see a cave- in,” Newcomb said. “You may see a depression around a pipe."

Newcomb says being short staffed with only three drainage crews also makes clean up harder but says those crew are moving as quickly as possible.

"We're doing the best we can to tackle all the issues as they come up," he said.

The kind of issues people like Giorgio who’s trying to stay dry hope will go away pretty soon.

"I don't know what can be done for a permanent solution but anything would be great," Hiatt said.