High Point man killed in scooter accident

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — A man is dead following a scooter accident that happened Thursday evening.

The accident happened around 7 p.m. on Old Plank Road.

High Point police say that Keith Evan Martin, 56, of High Point, was traveling southbound on Old Plank Road. When he reached a mini-circle he failed to negotiate the devices embedded in the roadway, lost control, was thrown from his scooter and killed.

Despite wearing a helmet, police say he died at the scene as a result of head injuries.


  • Chucky1992

    Did they say if he had been drinking? He had a pretty extensive criminal history that included multiple convictions of driving under the influence and driving while impaired.

  • stinky2112

    Drinking or not this is a travesty. These are not roundabouts in the neighborhood they are obstructions in the middle of a street. Several cars have hit these things which have resulted in extensive damage.. This was bound to happen. I am just surprised that a pedestrian has not been hit and killed. This is a senseless death and this man’s family needs to demand answers from the city of High Point. I am not a litigious person but this was not this man’s fault.

    • Brianna E. Azzara

      Are you actually saying that even if he was driving while impaired that it is the roundabout, and therefore, the City’s fault?

      I am not going to make any decisions on this due to lack of information on my part, but I certainly will not go to blaming the City without knowing all the facts.

      I would advise anyone to show the same reserve and respect to all parties involved.

    • David

      I lived in this neighborhood for years and know speeding was a problem. I understand the roundabouts are meant to slow people down but at night you can’t see them until you are right on top of them. No lights, reflective paint or anything to let you know there is a roundabout there. I almost hit both of them when visiting a friend over the Christmas holidays because I hadn’t been there since they were installed. Do something to help see these things so no one else dies or is seriously hurt.

    • Nunya

      I agree…these circles are impediments to safe driving and are very hard to see at night regardless of the fact htey are painted reflective yellow. There will be more accidents at these things than they will prevent!

  • Sean

    as a home owner of old plank these roundabouts are in place because of speeding. The truly sad part about this whole thing is everyone is talking about fault and not just that a human life was lost. The second human life on this road in two years and it seems both because of drunk driving. Not a traffic circle or speeding, but drunk driving!!!

    • Kimberly M

      True, my friend was the first loss. Adam would have owned his fault and never blamed anyone else. These traffic circles are not well marked but that is what DOT is responsible for. WE have to have a solution for the speeding and the traffic circles work when well marked. Kimberly M.

  • Chauncey Quick

    This was a stupid idea for the city to put these round about or traffic circles in this neighborhood the way they did. At night you can be sober as a judge and still hit them. They need to be replaced with something that people can see at night or removed. Fox 8 is smart enough to know by looking at them that something needs to be done. Anybody with a brain in there head can look at them and tell that they were going to cause an accident. I drive by them daily and they are not easy to see. They are to low to the pavement and need to be fixed or removed! I knew something like this was going to happen and I really hate this man lost his life because of the way they were designed. I think somebody should to held accountable for this stupid way they placed them. What were they thinking!

    • Raylon

      Chauncey, you could not have said it better. The design is horrible. I occasionally have to drive on the left side of these to avoid hitting parked cars, trash cans and pedestrians. You can tell from the oil stains, car parts and tire marks that these obstructions are hit on a daily basis. I cannot imagine how much damage they will do when it snows. If we get more than four inches you are not going to be able to see them at all. This death is completely unnecessary. The city (and possibly the idiots with the homeowners’ association) need to be held accountable.

  • Sharon Edmondson

    Don’t even get me started on this….bad design idea period! Drunk driver, sober driver, car driver, scooter , motorcycle, moped, bike, walker, runner, baby stroller pusher, dog walker, pedestrian….you name it….this should have never happened! It was an accident waiting to happen……it’s a shame someone died because of it!

    • Ronda

      Anna, I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. This was an unnecessary tragedy. Thoughts and prayers to you and his family.

  • Ronda

    I am a resident of this neighborhood. There was only a handful of people in this development (mostly residents on Old Plank, the ring leader moved long ago) that even WANTED these obstacles installed. The rest of us, like myself, went to meeting after meeting after meeting to try and put the kabosh on having them installed. The voices of a few led to a year long (or longer) study that the city did to determine what was best for controlling speeding on Old Plank Road. To the tune of $12 grand for installation.

    They ARE painted yellow around the rim, have reflective directional tags on the rims, the street is painted before and after them to show there is a change in traffic direction as well as TWO signs before you approach. All difficult to see, especially at night.

    By the way, nothing in this story from Fox8 mentioned anything about alcohol being involved. Shame on anyone assuming this poor man was drinking.

    My thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones.

    I, for one, would love to see these things removed before more lives are claimed.

  • Bigjohn

    Did you really expect a good road design tool to come out of Raleigh? Try finding a road sign or street sign at night on any road or a little warning space before you reach your turn or exit. How about driving at night while it is raining and try and see the poorly painted road lines. Sorry for the family loss but these things happen to often and North Carolina needs to get into more modern road technology.

    • Ronda

      This is not even a roundabout. It’s a poorly design obstacle protruding in an awkward manner in the middle of a T-section.

  • Jessica

    I am also one of the homeowners on Old Plank Rd…in fact it was in front of my house that this wreck happened. Within 17 days of these traffic circles being installed we had a person wreck in our yard. We contacted the homeowners with out concerns only to be brushed off. We have heard bang after bang of people hitting those circles and honking from near misses. We watch people drive on the wrong side of the road because they don’t understand how the circles work. The three-way yield signs are a joke because people are used to there being a stop sign on Hitchcock as there should still be…so some drivers want to prove a point which usually means a near collision.
    As far as this crash, I heard it and just peeked out to see if my yard had been hit again only to find a body in the road. I was the second person on the scene within seconds of the crash occurring. I can’t tell you if there was any alcohol involved, but this was a tragedy…a tragedy that probably wouldn’t have happened if that circle wasn’t there.

    • Ronda

      Jessica, I have a call in to the city to see what the first steps would be to try and have them removed, be it petition, etc. Are you with me if I can get it going?

      • Ronda

        Paige, Since it’s Friday and lots of people take off early, etc. I’m not going to be calling back if my call is not returned today. Next week, however, I will be calling the city transportation manager every day until someone lets me know the proper steps to petition and get these gone.

  • Sandy

    I am so sorry to the family of the man who died last night at the traffic circle. I too have almost run up on the traffic circle and had to slam on my brakes to avoid it…and I was not under the influence either. You can’t see it at all in the fog or the rain at night. One of the traffic circles is so far over to the right that you have to cross into the intersecting road to get around it. I am just sorry that I did not make a bigger deal about these circles before something terrible happened to someone but it was obvious to me from day 1 that something tragic would happen eventually. These are road obstructions not traffic circles and need to be removed immediately. What about wide speed bumps, City of High Point? Ever think of that? It’s much cheaper and effective.

  • Nicole Wood

    These are not true traffic circles or roundabouts as many have stated here. Even the article refers to them as “mini-circles”. They are very low profile, and very difficult to see. All three directions have a yield sign. I always stop coming off of Hitchcock onto Old Plank, because there’s no guarantee the incoming traffic will yield. We’ve had a huge increase in accidents since these have been installed, and pedestrians also feel less safe than they did even before. These obstructions are doing far more harm than good… the city needs to revisit this idea and find a different design or method.

    Yes, traffic circles are common place in Europe, but these are not the same AT ALL. In fact, my friend from Sweden was very confused by them when she came to visit me shortly after they were installed. I’d forgotten to warn her about them.

    Now a man has lost his life, and regardless of his past, did not deserve this. It’s a tragedy. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  • Chucky1992

    Ok, what I said may have sounded like I was placing blame… that was not my intention. I knew that there was a lot of controversy over these things and there had been increased numbers of accidents in the area due to them. I was simply hoping by asking the question, that Fox8 might find out the answer to that question and update the story. It does not change that they are poorly designed and are creating problems but if he was intoxicated, it would not be right to say that the traffic circles were the cause of his accident and therefore his death. I am sorry to his friends and famliy for their loss. Clearly High Point needs to address the problem with the devices.

  • Paige

    I knew as soon as these were constructed that someone was going to be seriously injured or killed. I cannot believe anyone thought they were a good idea. The construction and placement is horrible and you cannot see them at night. I know they are there and still have to swerve sometimes to miss them. I am so sorry that a man had to lose his life because of the stupidity of this decision. They need to be removed immediately. There needs to be a campaign or petition especially now, to have them removed. And whoever approved them needs to be removed from that position as well. I really hope this man’s family raises hell about it.

  • Sa

    I came through there yesterday and didn’t hardly see them at all myself! I haven’t rode through there myself since they’ve been installed. Yes, they are yellow painted but I couldnt only imagine at night when you CAN’t see them i’m sure! and they are signs up but you don’t pay attention to them and are hard to see too!

  • Donna

    When they first put this “roundabout” in my 83 year old father and mother hit this, before any reflective paint was on it and they did extensive damage to their car, and they were both banged up a bit. They have spent over 400.00 on their car and it is still not right. At first we thought maybe it was my Dad’s fault, but he had been a truck driver for 40 plus years, and said he had never encountered anything like this, My prayers go out to this man’s family. Something needs to be done about this!

  • Marlyn Kramer

    That thing is ridiculous! I’ve about hit it before, sober, no loud music, no distractions, just boom, hey what the hell is this

  • Marlyn Kramer

    I just read some of the comments and my experience was at night too. It is very unexpected, especially when its the first time you have been in that area in a while

  • Angela

    I visited my Aunt who lives in this neighborhood last week. This is the first time I had been through the area since they were installed. I was driving in the rain around 4pm and I almost ran right over the first one before I saw it. I was not speeding, had not be drinking etc. They are extremely hard to see and dangerous. They should be removed as they are not serving the intended purpose.

  • ivan

    Last Saturday coming from New York I was visiting my Aunt who lives on Hitchcock way. I haven’t been there in a few years. While driving down Old Plank Rd approaching Hitchcock way I barely hit that stupid traffic circle. At night its difficult to see that circle. I told my Aunt that somebody is going to get hurt bad from that traffic circle. Now look what happened. They to remove it now.

  • jason

    It was misreported that 75% of homeowners signed the petition. This simply isn’t true. The petition only included homeowners who live on old plank rd, which is a lot less than half of all homeowners in the HOA. However, almost all homeowners have to go through these obsticles to get in and out of the neighborhood. 2nd, the city dictated that these mini circles were the solution -NOT THE PETITION!. 3 way stops, and speed bumps were not permitted by the city. The design and construction were all done by the city.

  • Tracy

    There is nothing. Mini about those Stupid circles at all. They are huge,obstructions in the middle of the road. I live in laurel oak and have almost been hit several times due those things. I would like to know what idiot came up with this unnecessary idea! I feel for Keith and his family drunk or not those circles are dangerous and need to be removed!!!!

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