Biscoe Walmart evacuated after bomb threat

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Biscoe Walmart (Google Maps)

BISCOE, N.C. — Biscoe Police and Montgomery County authorities have ordered the evacuation of Walmart and a number of adjacent businesses due to a bomb threat.

Just before 7 p.m., a bomb threat was made against the Walmart, forcing the evacuation of the store along with a nearby auto parts store and a restaurant, according to Montgomery County Emergency Services Director Corey Roberts.

Officers are now searching the Walmart.

Explosive dogs from Candor, Southern Pines and Randolph County are being used in the search. They hope to complete the search by around 11 p.m.

The person who called the threat in said the explosive would detonate at 8 p.m.



  • Why hate cops?

    All you cop haters out there are the first and loudest people to scream for help when you need it! Stop doing things that warrant an encounter with the law and maybe you’d find that they’re a bunch of really great people who would willingly lay their lives down for the abundance of trashy people in this county!!! Get a life!!!

  • LB

    Authorities. Are the ones in charge. Apparently you have an issue with. Leave them alone and let them do their JOB. Quit being a keyboard warrior.

  • No one

    Not hating but their not qualified to search buildings in a situation like that…

    They don’t have the specialized training it takes to be an EOD Tech,

    It is the job of the nearest bomb squad, local police are only qualified to keep people away from the scene until it is checked thoroughly by qualified personal,

    Sending untrained officers into a situation like this is a security risk for not only themselves but to the property, etc…

  • Daniel Long

    Notice that they are using Explosive Dogs!! Someone needs a better news writer. I would hate if an Explosive Dog came into Wal-Mart, that’s what the writer made it sound like

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