Obama to announce manufacturing institute led by NC State University

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RALEIGH — President Obama will announce today that N.C. State will lead the new Next Generation Power Electronics Innovation Institute.

This $140 million initiative includes a $70 million grant from the Department of Energy – the largest single grant in N.C. State history.

The new institute will be housed at N.C. State and include two-dozen academic, government and industry partners who pitched in to match DOE’s grant.

In addition, Governor Pat McCrory and his administration helped launch the institute by committing $10 million over the next five years.

The institute will look to develop new energy solutions through the use and evolution of a technology called wide bandgap semiconductors.

This technology holds the potential to increase system efficiency, reduce the size and weight of devices, improve reliability and durability, and reduce life-cycle cost.

N.C. State is recognized as an international leader in the research and development of wide bandgap semiconductors.

Statement from N.C. State Chancellor Randy Woodson:

“NC State couldn’t be more proud to have been selected to lead this new institute, which truly embodies everything that our university stands for – from our Think and Do mentality, to our collaborative spirit and unending commitment to solve to the grand challenges of society.

“There are few global challenges greater than the search for less costly, more efficient energy solutions. NC State is a world leader in finding solutions to this challenge, and the new Next Generation Power Electronics Innovation Institute will greatly advance our efforts to quickly bring new technologies to the marketplace and people who need them.

“The institute holds the potential to create high paying domestic jobs; educate the next generation of technicians and engineers; reduce our nation’s energy needs and climate footprint; and empower partners to remain at the forefront of this game-changing industry.”


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