Guilford County Schools to operate on two-hour delay Thursday

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GUILFORD COUNTY, N.C. — Guilford County Schools students will be on a two-hour delay Thursday, Jan. 16. All employees, including school-based employees, should report to work on a normal schedule.

GCS central offices will operate on a normal schedule, as will Twilight School. After-school activities will continue as planned.

State exams will be postponed and will resume on Friday. Midterms are still being held on Thursday.

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  • Kevin

    Why don’t you do a story on why our local weathermen/women seem to be ‘bad weather mongering chicken littles’ at the slightest hint of less than perfect weather. We are fortunate enough to live in a mild weather region, so I am sure it may be boring with so little news worthy weather occurring.

    Equally as annoying is why our public school system listen to these bozos, and repetitively implements 2 hour school delays for no apparent good reason, disrupting the lives/schedules of thousands and thousands of their students and parents. For example, today, zero precipitation last night, 30+ degrees and blue sky when our children should be going to school, on time. A couple weeks ago, two separate 2 hour delays due to cold weather, no precipitation. At 630-730 am when our kids normally go to school temperatures about 13-14 degrees, after the 2 hour delay temperatures 15-16. Seriously, 2 hour delay for 2 degrees?!! Is that really safer for our kids?!!

    Even when theyve cancelled in past due to minimal snow, are our children really safer not in school, at home unsupervsied in many cases (due to parents having to work), with countless teenagers driving about town to go to movies, mall, etc, instead of safely at school for the day?

    Also as an aside, when these minimal snow days do occur, and we know it will melt the next day, is there really a need to go out and buy up all the milk and bread you can get your hands on. Have people in Greensboro in the history of Greesnboro, ever been snowed in for several days in row, without access to their precious mild and bread for several days.


  • B.

    The message I got on my phone got was not recorded in full. I did not get a message about a 2 hour delay. My message was only about staff reporting on time and high school exams being postponed. Did anyone else get a half message??

  • Billy

    Whoever made that call is an idiot. At some point we can assign all the kids a personalized bubble to go through life with.

  • Evelyn

    Grrr seriously! i had exams and it already takes for hours now we got to them one friday seriously?! i literally waited outside for ten minutes to come to find out i had a delay. Thank god for the lady telling me cause im home by my self . its just cold weather why do we have one? Just think about all the other kids who ride the bus along with me that our at home by our selves.

    • Evelyn

      Well i’m sorry that have to have perfect English when being angry for not being informed early but that’s just who I am.

  • WhoCares

    A reason for the delay would be interesting….Is it, frozen water pipes, no? All the Guilford County school buses won’t start? The commish is having a meno morning? Osama Obama farted? Why? What is the reason for it? I think the public has a right to know.

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