Ga. woman loses 370 pounds without surgery, hopes to inspire others

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1558556_476075529179950_1062876398_nCLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. — A woman who once weighed 600 pounds has lost 370 pounds without the help of surgery.

Val McLeod will be featured in People magazine's upcoming weight loss issue.

"I was just this mammoth person," McLeod told WSB-TV.

At 600 pounds, a lifetime of overeating caught up with McLeod.

Over 20 years ago, McLeod nearly died when doctors attempted gallbladder surgery and gastric bypass surgery.

"I was committed at that moment to say, 'I will never, ever do anything else to continue to destroy my life,'" McLeod said.

"I didn't know what it was to eat healthy or what a normal portion of food was like," McLeod said.

WeightLoss1McLeod now eats a low-fat diet of fruits and vegetables. She also now walks and works out with a personal trainer.

"Release the resistance, let go of limitations because it's a lie. You absolutely can do it. I start my day with a declaration about my health, my fitness, about my future and how synergized those two concepts are. That I won't have a future without being more fit," McLeod said.

McLeod hopes to lose another 50 pounds in the next year. She said her goal is to fit in a stylish size 14 suit for the first time, a suit she bought 15 years ago.

You can find Val McLeod on Facebook or follow her fan page 'Becoming Me.'


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