Cindy blushes, laughs when interrupted during ‘Sex makes you Smarter’ segment

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We all blush sometimes -- especially when talking about sex.

This morning was no exception when Cindy Farmer reported about a new study that sex can actually make a person smarter.

The blushing begins when co-anchor Brad Jones interrupts to ask Cindy if she is smart. He then draws attention to her blushing cheeks as she continues to giggle.

Cindy has a hard time keeping it together after that.


  • Love it

    Thats why I like Fox8 because the news anchors are human beings. They work and live in our communties. And they are us. Thanks Brad for calling Cindy out on this and thanks Cindy for being human. I love to watch Fox8 news. Mornings between 6-7am, evenings 5-6:30 and late night 10-10:30, I am usually asleep before 10:30 so I have set my TV timer to go off at 11.

  • Trav May

    That was just plain mean and rude. Cindy is not old, and she is kind, sweet, and smart. You should be ashamed of yourself! Fortunately, she is a seasoned news veteran who knows better than to care what someone like you thinks about her. But still, you’re a wrong and sad, little person.

    I feel sorry for you.


    great seeing them being human, on a piece they could have fun with. They would never of taken off on a more serious piece.

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