75-year-old woman robbed by home invader in Mayodan

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MAYODAN, N.C. -- An intruder took advantage and a lot of money from a 75-year-old woman.

Gracie, as she identified herself, lives by herself in an apartment in Mayodan. She says Tuesday afternoon she was taking a nap and when she woke up she found a stranger in her home.

"When I woke up it was a woman standing in front of me at my pocketbook. She was telling me that she was going to be my nurse and I said, ‘A nurse?’ and she said 'Yes, don`t you remember me?’" said Gracie.

Gracie knows she doesn't have a nurse come to her place.

"She was trying to trick me," she said.

Gracie says the woman went into her bathroom and then into her bedroom and then came back out into the living room where she was and that's when the two had a conversation.

"She said 'Do you have anything to eat?' I said ‘I have tomatoes. I can fix you a tomato sandwich,’" recalls Gracie. We asked Gracie why should would offer to make the intruder a sandwich she told us "because she asked me to and she said she was hungry."

When Gracie went to the kitchen and turned her back the intruder wasn't the only thing gone. "My gut feeling told me to check my pocketbook and I seen my money was gone," she said.

Gracie said she had just been to the bank and she was going to use the money to pay her bills. Fortunately Gracie wasn't injured but still says she was hurt.

"I'm not mad. I'm hurt that anybody would do something like that," she said.

Mayodan Police are pursuing leads.


  • its my business

    I’m mad and I’m hurt! This is so sad. Is there any service out there that can help her pay the bills with the money that was stolen? Don’t leave that kind of $$ in your purse. I don’y care who you are. I hope Gracie will be OK. Keep us posted.

  • Janet Woods-Welch

    Ok here goes. If you want to know why my Mama had her door unlocked? It is because she is a very trusting person that would give her last dollar to a stranger that needed it. Her door was unlocked simply because it was such a pretty day outside and she had the door open to let the sun shine in her apartment. The one that came in and took her money was the intruder, not my Mama. No she was not hurt so for the one that did this and are now bragging about it saying you left her for dead. Well guess what?? She’s up walking around and breathing. Yes you have made her weary of people now. Yes you took her money. Have fun while you can because I promise you will be caught.

    • David astin

      Would love to send some money to help her pay on her bills. Can you give an address to send it to. My house was broken into in April and a lot of stuff was taken. My family have felt very uncomfortable in our on house. We had a lot of help from friends and family, would love to help. David , from Danville Va

  • Lisa from madison

    Well she got caught prayers were answered for all this girl is somewhere now where she can get some help. Please continue praying for all families involved. Not just 2 people were affected by this crime

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