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Pug, baby battle over cookie

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  • Wanda Wilson Webster

    Speaking from experience… Even the most docile dog could react in a negative way when it is guarding it’s food. I am glad that this baby wasn’t hurt, but I fail to see the humor in this video. At one point the dog was growling. That baby’s beautiful face could have been scared for life in a matter of seconds.

  • janice dawkins

    Not a good idea. Dogs can get very aggressive over food. The growl scared me. I wouldn’t do that again!!!

    • Douchebag

      @Parrot you’re just as stupid as these other moronic comments on here. If you do not own this breed then shut your face! because you look incredible stupid with your comments

  • Lorie Burton

    Have they ever seen a child’s face after a dog has bitten it? I can’t think of anything a dog could be more possessive of than food. Bad idea and not funny in any way, shape or form! Totally DISLIKE!!!!!

  • Samantha

    I’ve worked with dogs professionally for almost four decades and this is not funny. ANY DOG has the capacity to bite. ANY DOG. No matter breed, no matter temperament. No matter past history. ANY DOG, given the right circumstances, has the capacity to bite. Period. The end.

    These owners are just down right ignorant. They’re putting their dog and their baby in a really bad position. They’re not listening to the warning growls the dog gives off. And they’re encouraging the baby to ignore them as well. And how does this eventually play out? Dog bites baby, baby ends up scarred, dog ends up dead.

    I’ve seen this story play out this way so many times in the rescue work I’ve done. I’ve seen the results on children’s faces, arms, hands–it’s not pretty.

    And all these commenters “know your breed” and “pugs don’t bite”–I just don’t even know where to begin. Yes, a well bred, good tempered dog is LESS LIKELY to bite. But EVERY DOG has the capacity, regardless of temperament or past history, to bite. And this dog is in a situation wherein its giving the baby and owners lots of warnings–it’s growling for crying out loud!–that indicate it is not too happy with the situation. And yet the owners allow the baby to continue pestering the dog.

    They’re lucky the dog didn’t this time. They may not be so lucky the next. A very sad situation for the dog and baby.

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