PJ Hairston signs with Texas Legends D-League team

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P.J. Hairston when he played for UNC.

DALLAS — Former UNC standout P.J. Hairston has signed with the Texas Legends and will make his NBA Development League debut this weekend.

ESPN reported that Hairston makes his debut at 8 p.m. Saturday against the Austin Toros.

UNC head coach Roy Williams suspended Hairston indefinitely after a summer drug arrest and after he received multiple speeding tickets.

Hairston is not eligible to play in the NBA this season, but instead entered the 2014 draft process. Hairston said he submitted the paperwork Friday afternoon.

“I’m extremely grateful that the Texas Legends organization believes in my abilities, and thank them for signing me to their team” Hairston said, according to  the Legends.

Donnie Nelson, Legends owner and Dallas Mavericks president of basketball operations, said he is excited to add a Hairston.

“P.J. has been on the NBA radar for a number of years now, and the opportunity for him to develop and showcase his ability with the Legends is unique,” Nelson said.

UNC said Hairston scored 707 points and made 127 three-pointers in 71 games as a Tar Heel. Last year, he led UNC in scoring at 14.6 points per game and connected on 89 threes, the second-most in Carolina single-season history.

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  • Tim

    I hope they have a leniant law enforcement there because this thug is nothing but trouble thinking he better than the law. Only time will tell PJ, but best of luck to you. The orange jumpsuit will be what you wear in due time.

  • WeBuiltThisCountry

    Congratulations young man!My family wish you luck!Don’t blow it!Do your thing in Texas and keep your nose clean for 2 more years.Sign a multimillon dollar contract and make the haters made.Remember”you kill a roach with Raid but you kill haters by getting paid!”

  • countryboy1

    Haters going to hate….with that monkey comment make u feel better?…or you just mad he going to be pro and make millions…Everybody deserve a second chance ive been caught speeding myself

  • Tim

    All of these comments about second chances….lol…..do you not get that he had has about 5 chances! He messed up every time after another chance and another chance….this kid is nothing but trouble. He was given a great talent for basketball, but he let it get to his head and thinks he is invincible. Just another black man from the streets ruining talent – or a rich white kid trying to use mom or dad’s money to get out of trouble…..its a no win situation with this thug. He had many chances and his luck has run out, Texas just doesnt realize it yet, but they will shortly.

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