Parent, coach arrested after fight at wrestling match

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Credit: Union County Sheriff's Office (L) John Scott Dickson; (R) Kenneth Anthony Kelly

UNION COUNTY, N.C. – A parent and a coach were arrested after a wrestling match at a middle school Saturday.

The brawl happened at Cuthbertson Middle School in Waxhaw.

According to WCNC, a coach from Porter Ridge Middle School, John Dickson, and a parent from Marvin Ridge, Kenneth Kelly, were arrested after a fight broke out Saturday night.

Police say the coach approached a parent while he was in his car and the parent pulled out a knife.

Kelly is charged with pulling a knife out in the altercation. Officials say he didn’t use the weapon.

The coach, Dickson, from Porter Ridge Middle is charged with assault.

Source: WCNC


    • Sheryl

      To those making rude comments about Scott Dickson!!!! He is one of the most careing coach and person I have ever met!!!!! The father that was confronted is one of those dads who think there shit don’t stink and there kid is all that!!!!! Scott would never start a fight, the parnet who should have just talked to him pulled a knife out wow!!!!! Don’t run your mouth and act like a big shot then pull a knife on someone!!!! Again Scott is the most kind hearted person I know…. It’s a marvin ridge thing… People there think they are all might!!!!!

  • Robbie

    WOW. Quick to judge there aren’t we? you must be reading a much more informative article than I just read. It isn’t a good example for the kids either way, but how do you know the coach is to blame?

  • jliles1205

    Sigh.. NC once again makes the Redneck News Alert… I gotta get out of this state.

    PS- never bring a fist to a knife fight…

  • Sydnie

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  • ghostryder

    To mister Intellectual. You have no clue of the situation that happened Saturday night. I guess you think it is OK for Mr.Kenneth Kelly to verbally assault a mother of one the wrestler from Porter Ridge middle school on Thursday night previous to the Saturday tournament. At that time Coach Dickson did handle it in a very professional manner by informing the Marvin Ridge middle schools coach of what Mr. Kelly had done. He should not have been allowed at the Saturday tournament cause Thursday incident was the second time that Mr. Kelly had caused a scene at a wrestling meet. So, as you can see Mr. Kelly has a history of cause problem at sporting events. This all could have been avoided had he not been allowed at the tournament on Saturday.

    • Intellectual

      Why didn’t the coach call the police if the gentleman wasn’t supposed to be at the meet? It definitely seems more prudent to go out to his car and start a confrontation. Fire this jabroni.

  • ghostryder

    I never said that the parent was band or not allowed to be there. I said that he should not have been allowed at the event due to history of been verbally violent towards others. And so that you know Coach Dickson only went over to where his wife was to make sure that Mr. Kelly physical assault his wife. And as Coach Dickson was walking away Mr. Kelly decided that grab a knife out of his car and attack Coach Dickson. And I think we are allowed to defend ourselves from being physically harmed. And to and a note you just need to stop cause you do not know what the situation you where not there.

  • cc

    BLAHBLAHBLAHBLAHBLAH Lock both these DUMBASSES up… This is what we let teach in our schools. People act surprised when shit happens. Two POS if u ask me……Ghostryder you bout as stupid as these two…IDIOT

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