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North Carolina ranks 5th in Affordable Care Act sign-ups

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

RALEIGH — New numbers show who is signing up for insurance under the Affordable Care Act.

According to stats released by the federal government, North Carolina ranks fifth nationally in sign-ups.

WTVD is reporting that nearly 108,000 people in North Carolina signed up for health coverage through the online marketplace between October and December, which is a huge jump from the initial figures released back in November when only 1,662 North Carolinians had signed on.

Only California, Florida, New York and Texas signed up more people than North Carolina.

Nationwide more than 2.1 million people have enrolled so far.

That number is still a far cry from the 7 million people the Obama administration wants signed up by March 31.

Source: WTVD


  • James

    Meanwhile, 297.9 million people are going to/have lost their actually affordable health care. I will be glad when this and many other nightmares are repealed. I just want to know. Why are the rest of us (the 297.9 million) just standing around with their hands in our pockets? Why aren’t we fighting this stupidness? Aren’t We the People the ones with the final say on these things or has complacency finally done us in?

    • Chris

      the affordable health care act is a great idea. everytime u drive your car u have to have insurance it should b the same everytime u step into a medical office y is it such a problem for so many to understand that

      • Mike

        Because it’s not true. Healthcare is all about protecting yourself. Liability auto insurance is all about protecting other drivers, not yourself.

        If your car is paid for, you are not required to have car insurance to protect yourself or your car.

    • JT

      Let’s count the oh so many ways you are misinformed, James. Number 1–The ACA has been vetted through the Supreme Court. It is the law of the land. Attempts to repeal/defund have failed. For all the raring conservatives do about the Constitution, you’d think they would know how this works. 2–The ACA works; though it is anecdotal evidence, I know several people whose health care costs have gone down since they have enrolled in the ACA. 3–NC’s ranking indicates just how many people out there were either uninsured or woefully underinsured. Now, these people have access to health care whereas they did not in the past. And yes, that actually saves money. 4–All this griping about “my insurance went UP! It’s not fair!” is done by people who are actually enrolled in BETTER policies now. The reason their rates went up–their previous policy wouldn’t cover a Band Aid. See, that’s why there’s been such a volitile reaction to this–the right wing KNOWS this will work, and they are afraid of that. So they have to scream “It doesn’t work! The website is hard to navigate! It’s socialism! Rabblerabblerabble!” in order to convince people they are right. They don’t need facts to support their claims–they just have to yell loud enough. Look, the Tea Party is done–that stupid little populist movement is over, and it has proven to make the Republican party even MORE politically irrelevant. Get over it–time moves forward, not in reverse.

  • djb

    i cant wait till years in the future when the republicans are blaming the democrats for trying to take away their affordable care act medical insurance

  • Karen

    You need to speak to a insurance
    Agent even if your car is paid for it is law that you must have liability insurance to protect others. Please know the truth before you share wrong info.

    • Mike

      You can’t compare liability insurance (protecting everyone except yourself) to healthcare (protecting yourself only). That’s like buying healthcare for everyone else in the world except yourself.

      I’ll say it again, you do NOT have to buy coverage for yourself or your car if it’s paid for.

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