Deputies search Justin Bieber’s house in egg-throwing probe

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LOS ANGELES — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department carried out a felony search warrant Tuesday at Justin Bieber’s California mansion in a vandalism probe.

The search warrant stems from allegations of an egg attack on a neighbor of Bieber’s last week, a sheriff’s department spokesman said.

Spokesman Steve Whitmore would not disclose how many cars were sent to the Calabasas, California, house or what they were hoping to find at the residence.

Investigators called a news conference Tuesday to discuss the search.

Bieber hasn’t spoken to investigators about last week’s incident, and his representative declined to comment to CNN.

“A neighbor accused him of throwing eggs at the house, and we are investigating,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Don Prince told CNN on Monday

If investigators find enough evidence that Bieber, 19, threw the eggs that splattered against his next-door neighbor’s home, they could refer the matter to the district attorney’s office for possible prosecution, Prince said.

The cost of repairing the damage to the house is a key factor in determining the severity of the charge. It could be felony vandalism if the eggs caused more than $950 in damage, he said.

Bieber lives in the Oaks, an exclusive gated community. He moved into a $6.5 million mansion there two years ago. An impressive list of the rich and famous — including Michael Jackson’s mother and children — live in the neighborhood, about 30 miles west of downtown Los Angeles.

His neighbors have complained about Bieber several times in the past year, including in May when two neighbors called the sheriff to report he was speeding down residential streets, a sheriff’s spokesman said.

Deputies visited Bieber’s home in response, but the singer refused to talk to them, sheriff’s department spokesman Steve Whitmore said.

Retired NFL star Keyshawn Johnson went to Bieber’s home then to counsel him about the dangers of going too fast on the residential streets, but Bieber wouldn’t speak to him, Johnson’s rep told CNN in May.

A neighbor accused Bieber of spitting on him and making threats during a heated confrontation outside his home last March, Whitmore said. It prompted a sheriff’s probe, but no charges followed.


  • Shelley

    LOLOL I find this hilarious..I they hope to find eggs? With a house that large they should have cameras. The Beeb is a little punk. And jliles.thats funny. CSIs get asked to DNA all sorts of crazy, you name it! Of course in a FELONY egging..who knows lol

  • Joe

    It must have caused thousands in damages for it to be a felony. This punk is going down the Brittany Spears road and will crash just like she did.

  • Laurie

    That is what these young immature superstars think they are above the law and until they crash than they will wake up to reality. That is how life is we live and we learn the hard way. They are not invincible like they think they are at the time to look cool. It’s not cool dude.

  • Tisha

    is it just me or does Justin Bieber look like a girl! I swear he does. looks like this punk kid will learn the hard way.

  • Jorge Molina Jr

    We can only hope that is little incident leads Justin to commit a real felony and in turn lands him many years in prison so we don’t have to hear his ear stabbing , soul murdering stomach bile erupting brand of music ever again. =]

  • Kimberly beiber

    Hey justin Berber is awesome. He’s a teenage kid. Leave him alone. He’s so freaking pretty too. Jealous people these days. Come on an egg felony. I think this idiot neighbor of Justin’s is looking to make a buck. Probably behind on his mortgage. The neighbor seems like more of a punk to me. Eggs, really. Clean that shit up & move the eff on. It’s just eggs. It’s not like he took a dump on his door step and lit the brown bag on fire and burned up his house. Gtf.

    • Stephen Melton

      This is whats wrong with the world today….kids like this one…Beibers awesome..leave him alone…he didnt do anything…the neighbors prob behind on his loan…
      Oh sheet….lets just excuse any action from an entitlement punk kid…
      Oh…and Kimbo…its a felony if its gonna cost more than $950 in damage….obviously you are not aware what dried eggs do…but then, you are not aware of personal responsibility either.
      Does Beiber know you are stalking him and using his name?

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