Winston-Salem police present revised gun buyback proposal

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WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. -- A plan to conduct a gun buyback program is heading to a vote by the Winston-Salem City Council.

The city council’s public safety committee voted unanimously Monday to bring the proposed buyback to the full council. No date was proposed.

Winston-Salem Police Chief Barry Rountree presented the revised gun buyback proposal Monday night that addressed questions and concerns by city leaders and included additional options.

City council postponed making a decision when the idea was first put on the table back in November.

Under the proposed gun buyback, people would be paid to turn in unwanted guns to Winston-Salem police; a program officers say is one part of a comprehensive plan to address concerns about gun-related violence.

One alternative described by Chief Rountree includes a Safe Surrender program. This would allow people to hand over guns to the city but without the cash incentive.

WSPD suggests a $150 payout for assault weapons, $100 for handguns and $75 for shotguns under the proposed gun buyback.

Rountree is asking Winston-Salem City Council to match $10,000 for the program. The department says it would raise the other half through community donations and forfeiture funds.

The buyback proposal received unanimous support at November’s Public Safety Committee meeting but stalled at the following city council regular meeting.


  • FaithC

    Do they really think that criminals are going to walk in and had over their guns for a little cash? Once again all they are going to get is Grandpas old rusty shotgun that has been sitting in the basement or barn for the past 20 years.

  • The One

    The law should be that everyone over the age of 18 has to own a gun if they are mentally fit, and have no criminal record. Maby”

    • JT

      So, does that mean you advocate the blind owning guns and carrying them? There are documented cases of this in both Illinois and Arizona. The proposition is absurd; only in the south can you see that kind of logic–“We have a problem with gun violence. Our solution is more guns. We have a problem with murder in our culture. Our solution is to kill people.” By that logic, if a person has a cocaine problem, the solution should be to give them more cocaine. It’s totally absurd.

      • Stephen Melton

        Except its a proven fact. Highest murder rates are where the citizens are not allowed to defend themselves, and the criminals, the ones you SHOULD be worried about, not the legal law abiding, know this.
        Kennesaw GA saw a 75% DROP in violent crime after passing an ord that stated that the head of the household must purchase a firearm.
        Here is what you liberal bleeding heart brady bunch moonbats seem to forget…the crooks dont want to get shot either, so when faced with an armed person, VS an unarmed, they go to the one that will not fight back.
        This is whats absurd, thinking that banning or restricting ownership more to those that are capable will get the illegal weapons to suddenly go away.
        Only in the South? You really need to brush up on your carry and ownership laws..Vermont for example…no CCW permit required, and no need to inform law enforcement you have a weapon on your person…you really dont hear much about Vermont and extreme violence now do you?

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