Ohio man arrested for attempting to buy child for sex

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Robert W. Thomas

OHIO — An Ohio man was arrested after police say he tried to buy a child for sex.

According to WOIO, Robert W. Thomas, 36, of Cuyahoga Falls, was charged with trafficking in persons, attempt to commit kidnapping, attempt to commit rape, and possessing criminal tools.

Police say Thomas made an online post asking for anyone willing to arrange a “marriage” of their daughter to him.

An Alliance officer who works with the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force responded to the posts, and he and Thomas began a conversation.

During the investigation, Thomas requested a child who was 5-8 years old, and eventually offered to pay $400 cash for a 10-year-old girl.

Thomas said he wished to keep the child permanently at his home and engage in sexual conduct with her, and to “train her to please him.”

The undercover officer arranged a meeting with Thomas and after a brief conversation, Thomas went to get the child from a vehicle and was met instead by a team of officers and taken into custody.

Detectives searched Thomas’ home and found sexual paraphernalia, and several firearms including a rifle with a grenade launcher mounted on it.

He is scheduled to be in court Monday.

Source: WOIO


  • WandaSue

    I can NOT find the words to describe the emotion I feel after reading this. What the @&%# is going wrong with humanity? It takes a VERY SICK person to have these types of thoughts.

    • dewey

      I must be getting desensitized to these stories….after the preachers and priests and teachers who diddle the kids, one who isn’t in that profession doesn’t shock me in the least….not condoning it, just doesn’t get me up in arms anymore because the useless justice system won’t do anything about it…..don’t get mad, take action

  • FaithC

    Just shoot him. He never needs to see another day, ever. If this scum is put in jail and when he gets out, (and he will), he will try this again. Next time it might be another scum on the other end of the conversation. This is one sick piece of trash.

  • krista

    This is so vile. I feel physically ill just reading about what this man wanted to do with a child. I am mother to a four year old girl and 6 year old boy. The thought of anyone looking at my kids in a sexual manner makes me want to fight. This man should be locked up with sexual deviants for the rest of his life. Perhaps they can “train him to please them.”

    • Mikaela

      Oh, he will. Even criminals have a totem pole in there…and child anything is smack on the bottom. He won’t last long. Screw with a kid and the entire prison will be ready to shiv you. He’s screwed.

  • Nancy Chymicheal

    Boy this guy is really gonna be a Fresh Fish when he gets inside the joint. I bet he will not be able to sit down for decades.

  • silvia martin

    He is truly disgusting and deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life for finding pleasure in young children. Sick to my stomach.

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