Here’s the weight loss photo deemed ‘unfit’ for Facebook

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419059-e4f0a15e-7bd3-11e3-897f-d21e3ddd1df9BELLEVUE, Wash. — Social media is how many people vent, relate and share. However, even some people with good intentions can have their content blocked.

According to KING-TV, Marilyn McKenna posted a photo of a size 20 pair of pants, which she calls her old “fat pants.”

“I used to weigh 265 pounds,” McKenna said. “Those old pants mean a lot to me because they’re a reminder of how far I’ve come.”

She’s now able to squeeze her entire torso into one leg. So, she decided to share a photo on Facebook showing her wearing the old pants.

McKenna was told by Facebook that her photo was unfit for the social network.

When she tried to post the photo again, she was given an error message: “Your ad wasn’t approved because it promotes adult products.”

A Facebook representative told KOMO News the post was considered an ad because Ms McKenna was attempting to "boost" the post. Facebook considers boosted posts to be advertisements. McKenna is not accepting Facebook's explanation, claiming she was not attempting to sell anything.

According to a report from, before and after photos are also against Facebook policies.

McKenna said she plans to meet with Facebook to discuss the policy

McKenna is the wife of former Washington State Attorney General Rob McKenna.

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  • Jodie

    But I see pics of almost naked girls posted all the time. I would rather see an inspirational pic than one of someone almost naked in sexual poses. Be proud you have lost the weight! Congradulations on your efforts!

    • Marcy Shank

      Amen , I report all those almost naked pictures all the time and they say they are not inappropriate or vulgar and are acceptable, but yet your picture of your acclomplisment is not…their morals are all off.

  • Rebecca Welch

    i agree with jerri on this one…but haters are going to hate honey. but you keep doing what you are doing cuz you look marvelous…just beautiful, congrats and keep up the good work .

  • Dyan Pacheco

    I have actually reported what I would say is pornography that I wouldn’t want my kids to see and they wouldn’t remove the photo!! Crazy how they could remove this one!!

  • Ashley

    I have saw some truly disgusting things in Facebook and report them all the time. Most of the time I get a reply from Facebook saying it was NOT removed and they find it appropriate. I guess on Facebook you can post yourself naked but not a great achievement like this where the woman is completely clothed. Who in the world is looking at these reported pictures???

  • John Dagne

    I was 5’9″ and 1/2 inch I weighed 265 pounds, I am a guy. I dropped 100 pounds. People that are still fat go crazy over this. It is a nail in their coffin of obese and fit. I am free now, no longer under the tyranny of disgusting fat crippling my body.

    • norma

      Your comment John is unfounded. Not every over weight or fat person is envous or jealous when someone loses weight. I am not. I’m thrilled for them. My daughter has lost a lot of weight and I’m thrilled for her. I’ve done it before but health issues cause my inability to move in my daily to leave me in a great deal of pain now so weight isn’t an issue for me. I try to root the person on and encourage them rather than waste a minute being jealous. So please don’t try to speak for all because you can’t know what all if us think or feel.

  • Brenda Rowlett Wright

    There are a lot of us the size she was and like her we don’t want to be fat either, I sing her praises, she has fought the battle and won. I see no offensive words but positive pictures of what can be. When she said they are her fat pants that’s the truth, no way at the size she is now could she wear them, her FAT is gone. There is no need to rant and rave over any ones size, so keep your smart arse words to your self. I do not need any one to tell me I have brown eyes, I know this and I know I am fat.

  • MiMi LLawsonn

    It is quite *FUNNY* how the modern day technology can be used as a tool to *control* some people who just want to share *issues* which they have been confronted with or figured out how to deal with whatever they have been given. I am one of perhaps thousands of people who have been *restricted from posting on Huffington Post*….since I can NOT be *verified since I do NOT have a mobile telephone*….WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE???????????? It seems like the companies just want to tell people what they can or CAN NOT share*. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS….PERIOD*

  • Monica

    Great picture of your weight loss. Facebook ought to stop posting disgusting pictures of half dress women/men. I’m tired to reading posts when people use swear words. Not everyone has a dirty nasty mouth. Facebook, you need to clean up those issues.

    • Sharon


  • Phil Morris

    We get tons of things taken down by Facebook. We have incredible before and after photos of lots of people we have helped to lose weight or fit into smaller clothes. We just keep on going with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn… so we can help as many people as possible.

  • Lee

    Kudos on your meeting with Facebook, Marilyn! Perhaps enlisting your husband’s assistance would be a good move. How about a petition? More media attention?

  • Beverly Pinnix

    I posted similar photos last year and they weren’t removed. I don’t see anything wrong with her pictures. Congratulations on the awesome weight loss! Maybe those pictures will inspire someone to do the same thing!

  • Fit Phil

    Facebook doesn’t want anyone to feel bad about themselves and more importantly they don’t want anyone to leave Facebook. So scantly clad selfies keep people there and amazing before and afters make people want to leave. If you want to see some amazing before and afters, click on my name to go to my site.

  • Janet

    But, it’s alright for all these girls to post naked and half naked pictures of themselves, though, right? Facebook needs to spend its time editing THESE pictures, instead of a woman that reached her fitness goal. Ma’am, you look fabulous!

  • Linda

    If you want to lose 10 pounds or even lose 20 pounds, Fad diets WILL work for a short amount of time. Over 80% of dieters will gain back that weight plus more in 5 years.

    What’s even worse is that you will lose muscle so when the weight comes back, it comes back as FAT. Think about this for one second. These are by far the most popular diets for rapid weight loss BUT our society gets more overweight as each year passes.

    The truth is, fast weight loss comes from a diet that works and is easy to follow.

    ( )

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