USDA gives state deadline to fix food stamps problems

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The United States Department of Agriculture is threatening to cut funding to North Carolina’s Food Stamp program if big changes are not made soon.

In a letter sent to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services on Dec. 11, the USDA said more than 20,000 people were waiting to get benefits – 6,000 of them had been waiting more than three months.

“These delays are completely unacceptable and a serious failure on the part of North Carolina,” wrote USDA Regional Administrator Donald Arnette in the letter.

The USDA gave the state 14 days to come up with a plan to fix the problem, and 60 days to implement the plan.

DHHS Secretary Aldona Wos submitted a corrective plan Dec. 23.

However, members of the Black Caucus in Winston-Salem say that isn’t enough. They want to see the Secretary replaced.

“We have a lot of hurting people in the state of North Carolina, and they do not deserve to wait for benefits because of incompetence at the state level,” said Rep. Evelyn Terry, D-Forsyth.

Governor Pat McCrory’s office responded to the USDA letter in a statement Friday.

“This letter is almost a month old, and DHHS has already taken corrective action and continues to work with the USDA on the issues raised. The governor has confidence that Secretary Wos and her team are working hard to ensure that those who need benefits, receive benefits. Another gimmicky press scheme from the extreme left won’t help solve the problem – Governor McCrory embraces solutions, not gimmicks,” said Ryan Tronovitch, Deputy Communications Director.


  • Lee Goins

    LOL, the whole state in incompetence……maybe the ones getting food stamps should get a job and stop depending on the rest of the state to feed them.

    • Lea

      You know I knew someone would say that and until you walk in my shoes you need to take your words on somewhere else cause you clearly don’t know what you talking about.

  • Lea

    Ok so whats gonna happen to the poor again? Its bad enough we struggling to pay bills and trust me I know I owe my landlord 600 dollars that’s due in one week or my kids and I will have no home so what we gonna do when we have no home or food. The government don’t care about the poor people and I wish to god they are in my struggle one day so they know how it feels to be poor with no money a crappy house where the roof leaks a bathtub and toilet and have a crappy car about to break down and that’s the only way to work. its sad really sad no one cares about the poor.

    • Jennifer

      Interesting and Valid comment..EVERYONE can Obtain A Computer…But, However, They are SIMPLY “Tapping -In-To-The-ONES-That-PAY!!!! Join the REST of the WORLD!!!

    • Susan Coley

      Mark I so agree with you, and how do they afford everything else but food? They have I phones, nails done, nicer clothes than I have and better cars, plus they keep having babies so they draw larger checks, why do we as working people have to pay for all of this?

      • Im the best!!

        And to you I say… I haven’t had anything done for myself since my kids were born I don’t get my nails done I don’t have cable I don’t have a good car my car over heats has bad tires and breaks a water leak my shcoks are going out my door panel is off cause the door wont open cause we need a part for it I have no ac in my car lets not forget one of my doors wont even open. I have a very simple phone that was bought for me and I cant even pay it my family does for me cause its my business phone All the clothes I get are given to me all the shoes I have are 8 years old and were given to me I live in the worst trailer ever and cant do nothing as I can barley afford to pay my rent so I clean houses to make extra money and still need help paying my bills yeah some people have all that nice stuff but I don’t and my kids have everything they need in life so before you think you know people and judge them get their story and better yet live in my shoes I bet you wouldn’t last a day!!

    • Im the best!!

      I think its funny you say that because maybe the ones that are poor and trying to make something for their family but don’t have a car or money to spare can go to collage online Oh im sorry you think just cause were poor we cant have internet and a computer for all you know it could have been given to me by MY SCHOOL oh im sorry my kids don’t have any tv to watch cause were so poor and im sorry im so poor that when it rains it rains in my house and I don’t have the money to fix it and im sorry my husband works a part time mim wage job to help try and pay them bills. Im sorry to my landlord cause I cant come up with 600 dollars for my rent cause im so poor. Get a life before you judge someone and thank you know everything!! Yeah I just smacked your reality glad your rich and can afford everything for your family but I cant right now hows it feel to be told?? How you feel now you know somewhat about my life. I go to collage for my kids!!

      • Susan Coley

        Who said anyone was rich, I care about the poor, I’ve had 5 children and I was a battered wife also.I’ve been there & done that, in fact still there except for the husband, my car is 22 years old and falling apart and I can’t afford another one, but I’m not eligible for food stamps because I have a job. The not so funny thing is they say I make to much money for assistance, so I guess I’m still helping to fund your life!! And you’re probably not worth our time..

      • Im the best!!

        Its funny how you say im not worth it but my husband works all the time on top of that I clean houses and babysit peoples rude kids to make money to pay my bills and still don’t make enough to pay my rent you clearly have the money so go fix your car. You were the one that chose to pop out 5 kids not me!!

      • Im the best!!

        Oh yeah and what problems would that be?? Like I said you dk me nor my family so before you open your mouth and sound like an idiot think about it. Sorry im not rich like you and cant afford to buy everything I want and my kids and husband want but at least I don’t act like im better than everyone else. Your just like the rest of the other rich a holes in this poc world. If you cared about the poor you wouldn’t be running your mouth to the one that knows how to stick up for the poor people. Not to mention putting words in our mouth when you dk what your talking about.

  • jiluvjen

    It’s a little more than ridiculous that the USDA can ORDER a state to comply with regulations IMMEDIATELY or be cut off from funds. Yet NO ONE @ the federal level can get the Odumba health care fixed and working! They’ve extended the deadline scads of thime while trying to make the damned program work! It seems to me that “what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.” USDA, clean up your own doorstep before you start coming down on the states!!!

  • Mark Stabler

    Well I think the State of North Carolina should give the Federal Government a deadline to fix the Obama Care computer problems. The Feds are really good and telling you and me and all other governments what to do and how to do it, but they don’t seem to be able to take care of their own business, including spending billions and billions of dollars every year that they don’t have and never will be able to pay back.

  • Tiffany

    Grovement live US poor people alone the ones can’t get jobs do to their health and disabitily we have family too feed!! in take care of I have a learning disabilitie, with add and I have 3 kids, I need too take care of I’m trying to find a job; that will take people with learning disability, and add it’s hard too find jobs with the disability.

    • Im the best!!

      I hope you lose everything you have including your job and then you have to live like us and learn how to live without all that money commin in that nice house the nice clothes please im sure you have plenty of money that’s why your here too right cause you have money and don’t care about the poor. Yeah probley your not worth my time!

  • kelley

    DHHS has not taken action. I have spoken to people at the grocery store within the last two weeks who were waiting on recertification that were told to “just keep checking back” because the system was still behind. They were 5 weeks behind on their benefits. I’m not going to judge people. Some people get these benefits because they are disabled. Not just welfare Queens with mile long nails and cell phones.

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