High-speed Rockingham Co. chase ends in fatal crash

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ROCKINGHAM COUNTY, N.C. — A high-speed chase between an officer and another driver ended early Friday morning with a fatal crash.

Rockingham County Sheriff’s Deputy J. Richardson stated he was on patrol Thursday night around 11:50 p.m. in Stoneville when he saw a suspicious vehicle.

As he approached, the black Ford F-150 sped off. The chase continued when the deputy tried to initiate a traffic stop.

The chase ended when the truck entered Virginia.

Later in the morning, Deputy Richardson saw the same vehicle driving erratically on Martinsville Loop in Rockingham County.

Again, he tried to stop the vehicle but the suspect fled at a high rate of speed towards Virginia.

Due to the driver’s blatant disregard for public safety, the deputy was given permission to pursue the chase into Virginia.

During the chase on U.S. 220 in Virginia, the driver was traveling northbound in the southbound lane and hit another vehicle head-on, killing occupants in both vehicles.

The deputy was not injured.

The crash is under investigation.


  • FaithC

    Did I read this right? An innocent person or persons are now dead? Once he started traveling northbound in the south bound lanes the police should have backed off. I am all for getting these scum off the roads and into jail, but not at the cost of an innocent life. There must have been something else they could have done and no I don’t know what. I am not the police. This person would have been back in Rockingham country again, they know he is going to head for the state line. Could they not have done it different.
    I feel for the family of the other person.

    • Mark

      “Due to the driver’s blatant disregard for public safety, the deputy was given permission to pursue the chase into Virginia.”

      Yeah, but what about the police’s blatant disregard for public safety? Almost always these high speed chases end badly, usually for some innocent people.

      • FaithC

        Are you my stalker back again. Is this all you have to do is to post insults to anything I post. Your stalker actions are once again getting a little creepy.

  • its my business

    The VA State Line police officers should have been there to take over once it was out of Rockingham, NC hands. Where were they? It’s pretty hard to create a traffic stop in NC traveling North on 220 when you are in pursuit of the vehicle. Were VA State Line police officers oblivious to what was going on? As i read, it was not until hours later that the officer noticed the car again in NC and pursued a chase (again). This somehow caused the driver of the car to travel in the SB lane of 220, yet traveling NB. Head on collision. All is dead. We better hear some more about this. None of the initial write-ups give any information other than a car chase.

  • Chris

    Tough call for officer. If officer had not crossed line and a head-on happened still, people would be saying “he should have continued pursuit since driver going wrong way…”

  • Mark A Mitchem

    What I don’t understand is where we’re the VA cops ? If he noticed it was the same vehicle and the vehicle headed toward VA again then why not VA set up road blocks and clear the highway ? Not to mention almost every major city has a chopper . Why not back off and call a chopper in to watch from above ?

  • Danny Totten

    I feel sympathy and empathy for all involved. Why is it that people look for a reason to blame others when things go wrong? You know what, stuff happens and we can all be victims to random violence. Just 3 weeks ago, I was supposed to move into a loft town house apartment after I paid the deposit and rent. The landlord and I walked back through the apartment; it was full of water damage because of some freak incident that happened to the neighbor above me. I was very disappointed and out of all the things that can happen to people; I asked myself, why did something like this have to happen to me. I also prayed for the other victim involved. It’s prayer time, not name it and blame it. Stuff happens! The landlord appeared to be more upset about the situation than me. I’m sure that the officer was trying to save somebody else’s life. What he didn’t want was someone to lose his or her life. Let’s pray for all families involved. It’s a blessing not to have death knocking at your own door step. Be blessed.

  • Gordon Mabe

    The officer had all the information from the tag and I know the family of the man that was being chased.The officer know this young man and where to find him, he could of waited until this young man got home.If the officer had of stopped and thaugh of a better way to handle the situration instead of wanting to chaught him, things would of been different.All Officiers know what happens when chases get out of hand , they hear it everyday somewhere and most of us know and have read somewhere where police chases never end good.I feel sorry for both of the families, for they have to go and hear all the talk like this.Where is our simpathy for all the loved ones on both sides.My heart goes out to these families and the officer for he has to live with this daily!
    This young man would of never wanted to hurt ANYONE.

  • David Slattery

    I wonder if any of you ever worked in Law Enforcement. Whatever we do, someone has to pick it apart. If the officer doesn’t do anything, and this person hurts someone, then we didn’t do enough. If you do anything, and it goes wrong, then we did something that we shouldn’t have done. I know that the officer didn’t want any of this to happen, Anyone can stand back and make statements of how this was handled wrong, but think about this. This man that’s in this black truck, could have done the right thing, and he chose to put this young girl, and ALL OF OUR LIVES IN DANGER, by driving like he did. Yes,this was a terrible accident,but as a Law Enforcement officer, you have to make decisions at a moments notice. Please be considerate to all parties involved, and bashing this young officer isn’t the right way of thinking.

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