75-year-old woman robbed, assaulted in Walmart parking lot

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ALBEMARLE, N.C. — An elderly lady who was robbed in a Walmart parking lot in Albemarle Wednesday has been hospitalized for serious heart problems.

According to WSOC, police say they tracked the tag number of the possible suspect’s car to an address in High Point.

The woman, who is 75, was leaving the Walmart on Leonard Drive in Albemarle at 2:45 Wednesday afternoon when police say a man offered to return her shopping cart.

He then grabbed her purse and pushed her to the ground.

The woman had scrapes and bruises, but later complained about heart problems and an ambulance took her to the hospital in Albemarle.

When the problems became more serious a medical helicopter rushed her to the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

The hospital is not releasing information about her condition.

Police, meanwhile, were able to track down the possible suspects because a friend of the victim wrote down the tag number of the suspect’s car and gave it to police.

Detectives tracked it to an address in High Point and late Thursday detectives were still interviewing possible suspects in the case.

Police say the woman is expected to recover, but if she doesn’t the charges could be much more serious than robbery.

“If she passes away, this could turn into a homicide,” said Capt. David Dulin.

Source: WSOC


  • FaithC

    How disgusting. These criminals are nothing more than cowards. When they catch him and put him in jail, I wonder how brave he will be in there. Pure scum.

  • Iama Retiree

    When you go to Walmart, you take your life in your hands – every time I go to Walmart, someone has approached me in parking lot asking for money or asking for something … This is in broad open daylight — I never go at night .. Quite dangerous !

    • mbierlik

      I know someone who started patrolling the wal*mart parking lots looking for “those” people. You don’t see where the robbers have been robbed in the news. I told him, he is going to get shot doing that or end up in a western shoot out since im sure he isn’t the only one with a gun.

  • Patrice Grubbs Knight

    I live very close to a Walmart Super Center. Why don’t they have security in the parking lots? There are constant threats of robberies or assaults happening to people in Walmart parking lots all the time. It seems reasonable that they could employee 24 hr security guards to monitor things, making it a safer place for their customers.

    • Joey Pinion

      A lot of Wal Marts the security is just as bad. Some even let thieves get away with large or small items. They have been know to steal with the people. My mother-in-law was ran over by a drunk in the parking lot. This happend in MS.

  • Tim

    you really think these rent a cops with no badge or gun will seriously stop people from committing crimes in parking lots? Start having video surveillance on these lots thats actually worth more than the $5 store bought cameras you have so you can make out a tag and a face when a crime is committed. I think Walkmart uses their own equipment they sell on their shelves for video and thats why its so crappy….only way to deter these cowards is to have top of the line video around entire lot with clear view of all areas and people will be picked up next day when crimes are committed due to face recognition and license tag if they are in a car. But to use security who are most of the time 60 year old men and woman just working PT because Obama ruined their social security would not stop any of these coward criminals.

  • its my business

    I avoid Wally World like the plague. There is nothing at WalMart that I need that I can’t get somewhere else and not have to worry about guards on duty to protect my shopping experience. This poor lady, I hope she will be OK. One of these days, someone is going to fight back in self defense and we aren’t playing anymore, rightfully so. I hate it for them. But the time will come. Mark my words.

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