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Woman suffers burns during cold weather boiling water experiment

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Crystal Wallem (WITI)

Crystal Wallem (WITI)

BROWN DEER, Wis. — Videos of the boiling water-to-steam trick were all over the Internet during the recent cold snap in the U.S., but it all went wrong when one Wisconsin woman attempted it.

The majority of the videos that surfaced on the Internet recently depicted people throwing a small cup of boiling water into the air and it instantly turning to steam.

According to WITI, Crystal Wallem, 22, wanted a more dramatic effect Monday. On her third attempt at the trick, rather than using a cup, she filled a bucket with several gallons of boiling water.

“It was boiling on the stove for awhile. I actually took the temperature. It was 220 degrees or something,” Wallem told WITI.

Burns suffered by Crystal Wallem. (WITI)

Burns suffered by Crystal Wallem. (WITI)

Unfortunately for her, the wind shifted just as she released it into the air.

“It hurt so bad. I was probably the worst pain I have ever felt,” Wallem said.

Due to her burns, Wallem was taken to a local hospital with second-degree burns.

The Wallem family told WITI their daughter was the third person to check into the hospital on Monday night with burns from doing the same trick.

Adding insult to injury, Crystal’s father, Scott Wallem, said while he was in the ER waiting room The Weather Channel was on and people were being shown doing the trick successfully.

“I’m watching the Weather Channel and there’s a guy doing it right on Television and it’s like, people, if you saw my daughter’s back, you’d stop doing this,” Scott Wallem said.

Her father also added that he felt the trick is shown too often on television, saying that while it is fine for someone his daughter’s age to try it, it could be dangerous if children are encouraged to attempt it.

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