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FOX8 expands newscasts, brings more local news to Piedmont

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HIGH POINT, N.C. — The Piedmont station already number one with the most local news, is listening to viewers and doing it again.

FOX8 is expanding their commitment to bring more local news and weather where viewers have said they want it.

Beginning Feb. 3, the FOX8 Noon News and the FOX8 six o’clock News will each expand with 30 more minutes of coverage.

The FOX8 Noon News will expand to a full hour with FOX8 anchors Brad Jones, Cindy Farmer and meteorologist Emily Byrd.

The FOX8 6pm News will add a 630-7pm half hour, creating the Piedmont’s first and only local evening newscast at 6:30pm.

FOX8’s Neill McNeill, Katie Nordeen, and chief meteorologist Van Denton will anchor this newscast giving viewers another option to catch up with the day’s news on their time schedule.

“There are 1.6 million potential viewers in this area, said Karen Koutsky, Vice President of News. “With that many people in the Piedmont, there’s a growing demand for local news when people can watch it after getting home from work. It will be a fast-paced half hour encompassing the biggest stories locally, nationally, and internationally. It will also be the only place to get an up-to-date weather forecast to plan your evening and tomorrow.”

The expansion of the FOX8 Noon News and the FOX8 Six O’clock News on February 3rd will provide Piedmont viewers a total of nine and one half hours of local news every weekday on FOX8. The most local news produced by any station in the Piedmont.

“FOX8’s commitment to providing the Piedmont with the absolute best in local news is unmatched. The addition of this news coverage is evidence of that,” said Jim Himes, President and General Manager of FOX8/WGHP.


  • tara

    LOL @ Derr…I was just thinking how much MORE negative depressing news people are going to listen. Granted there are some positive things BUT the negative wins out. I dont watch the news for nothing other than the weather and i can look at the app for that.

  • Johnny

    Did you ever stop to think about the people that enjoy keeping up with what is going on in there respective community and can’t watch in the mornings or afternoons because of their jobs. I personally will enjoy the 6:30-7:00pm broadcast. So thank you Fox8 for the consideration to the people of the community and for the others with all the negative feedback you do not have to watch if you do not like. As for the rest of us this might be the only time we get to watch.

    • Chucky1992

      Johnny, I don’t think that Derr or tara were really criticizing them for extending the news. Over react much? LOL You almost came across as offended that they dare post the comments they posted. I think that what they were thinking is kind of what I am… I do like to keep up to date on the news. The crew at Fox8 has to be worn out. How much more can they do after having increased their news programming last year? Thank you to the news crew (anchors, field reporters, photo journalists, producers, etc.) at Fox8 for bringing us the latest. I know that I wouldn’t want to put in the hours that I can only imagine you do.

      • Johnny


        Maybe I did come off a touch harsh and I do apologize for that. It is just sometimes I read some comments on here that sort of strike a chord with me. I do see this as an open forum where everyones opinion is welcome. Please accept my apology and have a nice day.

  • James Rhodes

    Why haven’t you scheduled at leat one or two newscasts on the weekends?? Most people are home at least part of the time and would appreciate being informed of ;ocal as wellas national news on Saturday and/or Sunday.

  • Curtis

    I appreciate them adding more news during the day, but I sleep a little later in the morning because of my work and am normally not available to watch at lunch, so I would like them to add more news weather, and especially sports, during the “he said, she said” hour that they like to count as one of their news hours?

  • kay

    The news as it is now is really a repeat of everything said in the first hour. We really don’t want more of the same thing. I watch the ABC National news at 6:30 and will continue to do. Something new would really be a treat not same old same old every time.

  • Abbie

    uptil I saw the check which was of $9048, I didn’t believe …that…my cousin woz like they say actualy erning money in their spare time from there labtop.. there sisters roommate has been doing this for only about 21 months and as of now paid for the loans on their home and bourt a great new Car. Get the facts……..

  • David Miller

    wishing that Wghp would have a weekend news , with the way they have found talent, and the way their news is presented. I would not want the current weekday people changed, they are great where they are and don’t want that changed. (unless it fits them to keep them) . I hope that the extended time will be updated news, weather, and not just the same thing over and over( we have that on one news station already, and after the first time thru, it gets borrowing.

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