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Buckley Report: Becca’s service dog

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“It’s not what happens to you, that matters,” a wise man once told me. “It’s how you react to it.”

Becca Hart has had plenty happen to her in her 19 short years. She discovered she had lupus, when she was a teen – a condition in which your body attacks itself, at certain points. She also developed obsessive compulsive disorder -- a rough combination.

Instead of deciding that she was a victim, though, Becca saw it as an opportunity. She got the service dog that is important in keeping her safe and went on a mission to inform anyone willing to listen about what she deals with on a daily basis -- all with a smile.

In this edition of the Buckley Report, you’ll see some of those challenges, as well as the ordeal Becca will have to go through, every decade or so, for the rest of her life.

To see Becca’s non-profit website, visit

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  • Kathleen Mitchell

    A big shout out to Theresa Jay of SunBear Aussies for donating this beautiful Australian Shepherd to Becca. See more at or contact her at it will be the only breed dog you will ever own again. I happen to own one and have the joy of spending many hours with Theresa and her wonderful dogs on a regular bases and you can’t go wrong with her as an excellent support system and her knowledge of the breed and her instinct when placing dogs with buyers.


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