AARP introduces new ‘Smart Driver’ course

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Cars have changed over the years. So have traffic rules, driving conditions and the roads you travel every day.

That is why AARP has started a new "Smart Driver" class.

It's designed to help drivers over the age of 50 stay current on driving laws and new technologies being used in cars.

During the FOX8 8:00 Morning News, we'll be live with AARP to find out more.

To find a class, visit


  • Stantheman

    Cars have changed. So has the AARP. Seniors need to wake up and realize the AARP now has a hidden agenda. They used to be a non partiasn organization, non-profit. When they pushed for passage of Obamacare I immediately dropped my membership. Now all the AARP cares about is the dollar and how much they can help the transformation of this great country to the gutter. Try to find out from the AARP how many millions of dollars insurance companies are paying them for the use of AARP in their ads. If you like your policy you can keep your policy, period. How is that working you?

  • Cripes A Mighty

    When a person looks at every news or informational issue through their polarized anti-Obama political lens, it makes you look like you have a mental issue. It also makes you look like an unreasonable person who is incapable of understanding the facts of health care in this county and how too many innocent men, women, and children are forced to go without care and in some cases, die.

    As many people in this country can attest to, you should pray that you never lose your job and your insurance and then be hit by a medical emergency such as a heart attack. If that were to happen to you or someone you care about, just remember that you like the broken health care system that we’ve all been forced to live with all these years. While I agree that the Affordable Health Care Act does is not what it should be. In fact, it is better than what we had before. In truth, we need a single payer system so we can take care of everyone, including you.

    Anyways, you are proud of your position and we get it. Now move on because you are nothing more than a speed bump to progress in this country.

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