New Hampshire girl gets tongue stuck to flag pole

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EAST KINGSTON, NH -- It's a stunt many kids try in the winter.

A New Hampshire girl learned the hard way that touching your tongue to a flag pole is a bad idea.

"It was nerve wracking," said the victim Maddie Gilmartin.

In Maddie's story, there's "no sinister triple dog dare" just a daring idea.

"It just kind of popped into my head, hey what would happen if I stuck my tongue to a flag pole. At the moment I was like it will come right off," Maddie said.

It didn't.

"I'm stuck here in the middle of our yard just trying to get help," Maddie said.

With her dad snow plowing at the end of the drive way here mom inside, Maddie tried pulling herself free.

"I see her standing at the flag pole her arms are waving and I'm not sure what's going on until I got closer," said Shawn Gilmartin, Maddie's father. "She tried to pull her tongue off of it as soon as it happened and that's what made it bleed. I had my hands cupped I was blowing, breathing on her lips and tongue."

"I was just like, did I really just do that to myself, like did I really do just do that?" Maddie said.

Maddie was stuck on the flag pole for a full 15 minutes before being freed and then taken to the ER. Fortunately, she is going to be OK.

"It's still sore and I'm still taking Motrin and cold compresses," Maddie said.

Maddie says it feels like a gang of bees battled with her lips. But many may be asking themselves one question: why would she do this?

Unfortunately for Maddie, she's never seen A Christmas Story, so she had no idea about that infamous flag pole scene.

But like any good story, there's a happy ending and a lesson learned.

"She found out the hard way," Shawn Gilmartin said. "We all do things in life that we might regret."

"Just think before you do something," Maddie said.


  • Max R. Pardon

    In the days of phone booths you could get stuck on them too the secrect that unsticks the daring is to get some warm water and pour on the stuck parts. I would not try doing the dare but there is a remedy.

  • Toolman

    “Just think before you do something,” We should play this for every school in the Piedmont, and twice for my 9 year old grandson. I see him trying this today. It is 9 degrees out side right now.

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