Fight over gun ban signs in Kernersville parks

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KERNERSVILLE, N.C. -- The battle over guns in parks heated up once again and this time it is happening in Kernersville.

It all has to do with signs that say firearms are not allowed in parks despite a state law passed last year that says firearms are allowed in parks for those with concealed carry permits.

Gun rights group "Grass Roots North Carolina" threatened to sue the town if Kernersville did not change the signs.

The issue was discussed at the Tuesday evening Board of Aldermen meeting and a decision was made to change the signs.

It will take about two weeks to have new signs made, then a few days to have them delivered.

It is unclear when the new signs will be put up.


  • FaithC

    Yes, let’s let the scum criminals know that everyone in the park is unarmed so they can have easy pickings.

    I am sure that that little sign will make all criminals leave their guns home. Way to go town council of Kernersville.

  • Jason

    ^ The old signage indicated weapons/firearms were not allowed. They were up long before the NCGA changed the law and now the new signage will reflect the law change. That means that firearms WILL be allowed in parks now. You’re up in arms over nothing because you didn’t take the time to fully read the article or just didn’t get it.

  • jmhoward99

    Apologies, since I see your post came prior to the latest update, but municipalities are generally slow to update signage such as this. I could almost guarantee you that similar signage is still present in High Point in many parks or along the Greenway.

  • Andy Stevens

    Victory in Kernersville tonight…..I was there and spoke to the Council on behalf of GRNC….new sign language was virtually approved even before this item was brought up for discussion. However, the Council did not accept our suggestion to just remove the signs entirely. Over 30 in attendance gladly accepted and wore our “GRNC…Guns Save Lives” Name Tags. Not a bad way to end the day! Not ONE single voice in support of keeping the signs the way they were, either!

  • David W Moore

    My letter to the Kernersville Aldermen.
    David Moore, Candidate for North Carolina Senate District 31;

    REF: January Alderman Briefing (CCW Park Signs)

    Mayor & Alderman

    Due to client obligations I am unable to attend the regularly scheduled Board of Alderman meeting on Tuesday but wish to convey my belief that the “Concealed Carry” signs posted in our parks are indeed vague and misleading for the thousands of visitors the town attracts each year, and that the signs in question should be immediately removed and replaced with improved and appropriate terminology.

    After attending the briefing session I felt a lack of confidence in Mr. Wolfe’s legal opinion due to council’s prolonged lecture on the evolution legislative statutes and town ordinances which is not be questioned. Especially since Mr. Wolfe did not address the terminology of the old signs, which is the point of issue until after Alderman Hooker brought forward Winston Salem’s new signs. I came away with the conclusion that he was interjecting personal belief of being anti-firearm using the masquerade of legal advisement, a practice that is misleading and detrimental in the long run.

    Additionally, John Deere Hitachi’s expansion and stellar performance should be commended by our Mayor and Board of Alderman. Their international business and workforce is a huge benefit to our town, and they should not have to endure even the slightest discussion from the Board concerning more regulations than they already meet and exceed. Interference of this nature could lead them to leave Kernersville rather than expand, and our town should be PRO-BUSINESS and demonstrate it fully at every opportunity.


    David W. Moore

  • Deb Causey

    Thank you, Andy, for representing NC gun owners. The GRNC made the difference here. The Aldermen were a little touchy because they had to be strong-armed into making a change but we had the law on our side.

    Passed sign verbiage:

    Park entrance signage for all parks.
    All weapons, including firearms, are prohibited in this park except concealed handguns carried pursuant to and in compliance with a valid concealed handgun permit. See town ordinance sections 11-7 (c) and 20-15(7) and chapter 14, article 54B of the North Carolina General statutes. Violators shall be prosecuted

    Redmon Sports Complex entrance signage.
    All weapons, including firearms, are prohibited in this park except concealed handguns carried pursuant to and in compliance with a valid concealed handgun permit except that the concealed carry exception does not apply at athletic fields during organized athletic events scheduled by or with The Town. See town ordinance sections 11–7(c) and 20–15 (7) and Chapter 14, article 54B of the North Carolina Gen. statutes. Violators shall be prosecuted

  • Andy Stevens

    While I was busy in Kernersville last night, the City of Greensboro also had a City Council meeting. On their agenda was item #24 to update their applicable ordinance to allow CHP in Parks.

    The archived video is available and Item 24 begins at 3:15:30 and runs through 3:22:20

    No one spoke for or against the motion from the floor.

    At 3:16:05 you can hear the Mayor express her frustration that they have something “They have to vote in the affirmative”…

    At 3:17:08 you can hear the City Attorney state “We and many municipalities are no fans of the state doing this….

    At 3:17:40 you can hear Ms. Hightower display her ignorance of the matter before them….

    AT 3:20:10 you can hear Ms. Marikay Abuzuaiter display her ignorance on the matter….through 3:21:40 …the City Attorney and Police Attorney both do a good job explaining State Law trumps the City!

    Final vote to pass was 7-2…noted as the new City Council’s first split decision by the new Mayor!

    Ms. Abuzuaiter and Ms. Hightower voted against updating the ordinance….even after being told by the City Attorney voting NO would not prevent “guns on playgrounds”….

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