Carolina Panthers announce plans for stadium upgrades, renovation

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Carolina Panthers announced stadium renovation plans during a media event on Tuesday.

The team said there are three major objectives with the renovations: the upgrades must impact all fans, the stadium must maintain a classic look and must improve the overall fan experience.

Team President Danny Morrison says construction is set to begin in two weeks.

Two new 63-foot high and 212-foot long high-definition video boards will be installed above each end zone.

One of the major upgrades is the addition of escalators inside the stadium.

There will be four new “bays” installed at three entry gates with escalators in each bay, the team said on Tuesday.¬†One escalator in each bay arrives at the 300 Club Level, the other escalator in each bay arrives at the 500 Level.

“The new escalators are designed to be a seamless integration onto the existing facade, maintaining its classic appearance & timeless design,” the team said in a statement.

Two new 5-foot tall ribbon boards will encircle the entire bowl at the club level. The new boards will feature game information and statistics, NFL scores and statistics, crowd prompts, and sponsor elements.

Bank of America Stadium will also feature new illuminated glass domes on each of the three entry gates.

A new high-efficiency, high-octave distributed sound system will also be installed throughout the bowl.

The renovations are phase one of three. The team will make renovations over the next three years.

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  • Bigjohn

    I hope all the corporate and season ticket holders enjoy it. I have been unable to go to get a ticket for any game to see them play without using scalpers which I will not do.

    • Jesse


      Your missing out on the games. The “scalpers” outside the stadium always have tickets. I have sold to them (cheap!) and the people that have bought them have never paid more than face value for them. And
      just to make you happy, my 1995 PSL investment has lost half of its


  • Tim

    How nice. They have a winning season for first time since franchised and already blowing the millions they made this year on high tech stuff thats is not going to make any fan happier. How about lowering the ticket prices or something to make fans happy, not spend millions on looks.

    • Brad

      you might need to get your facts checked before voicing your opinion. The Panthers have had several winning seasons, they have even made a trip to the superbowl as contestants, although they did lose the superbowl.

  • Keith Howard

    Cry Babies, how about letting the free enterprise work. Time will tell if the money spent was a good investment.

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