Teens charged with animal cruelty in Forsyth Co.

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Kalob Jennings Hubbard and Jared Raymond Rose (left to right).

TOBACCOVILLE, N.C. — The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office charged three teens with animal cruelty Sunday after an opossum was allegedly burned and killed.

Kalob Jennings Hubbard, 18, of Tobaccoville, and Jared Raymond Rose, 17, of King, were charged with felony animal cruelty.

A juvenile petition was submitted for a 15-year-old juvenile male who also reportedly participated in the incident.

Hubbard and Rose were placed in the Forsyth County Law Enforcement Detention Center under a $10,000 secured bond each.

Both are scheduled to appear in court Jan. 23.

The sheriff’s office is continuing an investigation into the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 336-727-2112 or Crimestoppers at 336-727-2800.


  • Lajean Faircloth

    Out of all the above comments, the most heartfelt was made by Felix. Jacob & stunned along with others are just disgusting. Have any of you ever raised a possy baby? They are absolutely the sweetest animals on earth. More loving than a cat, more loyal than a dog & definitely more caring than most humans. Stop saying it’s Just a possum!! To the others above, No evrybody doesn’t run over wildlife by “accident” or for no reason, doesn’t matter what these punks tortured, they are old enough to know it was wrong & did it for their sick enjoyment. HELL YES they deserve the max punishment. They are nearly adults for godssake, what normal dude this age is sneaking off to torture an animal in secrecy. They are sick individuals that deserve to know fear in prison like the many helpless prey they tortured died in fear. They should he grateful that the authorities got to them b’cuz if I had comr across them, they wouldn’t live thr lives in a heated place, eating meals & being a drain on society. I truly hope they bunk with an animal activist & they really get what they deserve by having thr throats slit. Those two are a waste of human skin. To those of you saying the punishment is harsh, would you feel the same if they had done this to a child or how about your family cat or dog. Again-these two are sick individuals, it is so not normal for someone of their age to do this sick sh*t. They are sick sick sick..& deserve more punishment than thr actually getting. Lets all add them to our nightly prayers-dear God-please let these losers die in agony while in jail….

  • Lajean Faircloth

    To those of you who feel sorry for these physchpaths or condone what they have done, your no better than they are & just as sick in the head. Yes people run over critters etc., yes products are tested on animals But its all cruelty. Just b’cuz others rob a bank, doesn’t make it ok for you to also. I mean seriously, how can some of you not think this is wrong, not even taking into account that hey “someday” they will be murderers. Its this act of crispness on another living thing, no matter if its a possy or a child, that needs to be punished. Think back to ur young adulthood, were you torturing or maiming defenseless animals for ur own sick enjoyment. Yeah-thats what I thought. These wastes of skin are definetly not right in the head. Hopefully while they spend thr days living off our tax dollars that they get the professional help they need & maybe when or if they survive those days they return to society differently than when they went in. If this doesn’t fix their sick minds, the rest of us can only hope that when these freaks are on the hunt for more defenseless creatures that they come across the people here who’s condoned thr treatment of wildlife today & we will see how u feel when its ur kid or grandchild that dies in agony & fear.
    People like you are the reason animal cruelty exists today, if each person changed thr attitude, one by one, then animals wouldn’t have to suffer & freaks like these two wouldnt be tolerated & with maximum punishment feared, so many wildlife & even pets would not have the same fate

  • OnTheLookout

    Don’t set foot in Davie County. Your kind is not welcome here, nor will your safety be guaranteed.

    • Lajean Faircloth

      Hello. In case you don’t check back to this page, I’m left wondering if your comment (or threat) was directed at me? My comment was only 1 of many who agree with me. I’m not going to go bak & forth with you with nasty insults b’cuz really, that’s just serves no purpose wat so ever but honestly-i do not appreciate anybody making threats to me, especially over something that involves you nor I.
      I wasn’t sure who ur comment was directed at but you need to clarify b’cuz I’m getting mssgs from people upset at your threat to me. I personally couldn’t care less if u did threaten me, I don’t know you but you’ve got tons of folks riled up if it was to me..:-)

  • Pearl

    Lajean Faircloth – I live in Davie County, and you are very welcome here. 18yr old men who set animals on fire are mentally ill and dangerous. They are not welcome here. They are up and coming threats to society. They are criminals and will eventually kill a person. And to the idiot that threatened your safety here, (OntheLookOut) You’re obviously not from here. We are not the country trash you are portraying us to be. You must be a criminal too. Don’t be crying on the news when one of these “fine” young men take out one of your family members. Better yet, hope your kind don’t breed.

  • Lajean Faircloth

    ** on the lookout **
    Who was ur comment directed at, cuz I’m right above you, so I’m wondering if u are refering to me? ????? ?

    • Pearl

      I took it as the comment was directed to you. If I acted to quick in anger and am wrong, and the comment was directed to “people who torture animals” I would owe an apology.

      • Lajean Faircloth

        Hello. Thanks for sticking up for me. I wasn’t sure if the comment was for me either? I kinda say it was but that’s why I asked before telling somebody off. Its unbelievable that some of these folks say so what, don’t punish, boys will be boys etc..it makes me sick & I usually don’t say much unless it has to do with speaking up for cruelty & abuse to an animal. These are not young boys but almost adults & its not normal for them to have done this. It shows how mental they are. But again, thank you so much. I figured I would get hate comments but I’m still going to speak up for the animals that can’t..

  • Lajean Faircloth

    Thank you pearl, you are very sweet & obviously have some class, unlike some of the lowlifes leaving comments that only shows the rest of us how idiots really do think. You don’t have to be an animal activist or even care one way or another about wildlife for what these two did to make you feel sick. Those that aren’t bothered or feel sorry for the punishment these freaks deserve are just as bad as the freaks themselves if they see nothing wrong with cruelty for no reason except to fuel thr own sick enjoyment. They live in thr own self absorbed world caring about nothing but themselves.
    If the threat from ** on the lookout** was directed to me, I could Care less what somebody who hides behind a lame name has to say. Seriously? I’m supposed to run in fear from someone who’s afraid to say who they really are..somebody doesn’t like what I said but hey most of the world would agree with me.
    The few who doesn’t see how wrong this is, is obviously as mental as the two losers are. Come on people, what normal young men sneak around getting kicks out of torturing another living breathing thing. Again lets say our nightly prayer that these sickos get what they really deserve!!!

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