Guilford Co. Schools prepare for cold; two-hour delay Tuesday

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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Guilford County Schools are checking school buses and heating systems to prepare for single-digit temperatures Tuesday morning.

The school system announced Monday evening that it will operate on a two-hour delay Tuesday.

With temperatures expected to be as low as eight degrees Tuesday morning, drivers and maintenance workers will report to work early to make sure none of the school district’s 600 buses freeze up.

“Our greatest concern is probably going to be batteries,” said Jeff Harris, director of transportation for Guilford County Schools.

“We will have a mechanic at each bus parking site,” Harris said.

The same precautions are also being taken at each of the district’s 126 schools.

“We’re concerned about mobile classrooms, water pipes freezing,” said Gerald Greeson, director of maintenance for the school district.

Officials say heat will be left on overnight in every building to make sure classrooms and hallways are warm and to prevent pipes from freezing.

It’s a serious concern for the school district where many of its buildings have old, outdated heating systems.

“That colder temperature on an older system, that’s a lot of labor on those systems,” Greeson said.

The preventative steps being taken are to prevent the school district from having to cancel class.

“That would be our very last resort,” Greeson said.


  • Diane Purcell

    well if they’d bother to go in EARLY before school starts and check the heat and buses – that’d be ok – but honestly it’s not going to ‘warm up’ in those two hours folks. Should we worry about them getting home on the bus too? I’d think alittle ‘let’s go in early and make sure we’re prepared’ would’ve been just fine. After weeks off from school, it would be nice to keep on a schedule or do the whole day off if they’re that concerned.

  • Kim

    Many students board buses before sunrise. I don’t see anything wrong with giving them at least until sunrise to face the freezing temperatures.

  • Christa Russell

    The roads are covered with black ice. I ended up sliding off into a ditch while trying to make a turn!!

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