Triad radio stations 100.3, 105.7 change frequencies

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WVBZ is now an alternative station at 105.7.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Triad radio fans who had listened to 100.3 “The Buzz” and “105.7 Now” may have noticed some recent changes to the stations.

The two stations switched frequencies and made some other changes that went into effect earlier this week.

WVBZ The Buzz has moved to 105.7 FM and now plays “alternative” music, as opposed to the rock it used to play.

The Buzz now features artists like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mumford & Sons, Foo Fighters, Muse and Linkin Park, according to Clear Channel officials.

105.7 Now has moved to 100.3 FM and now goes by “KISS-FM.”

As KISS-FM, 100.3 now plays current Top 40 music such as Katy Perry, Macklemore, Rihanna, Imagine Dragons and Justin Timberlake.

Clear Channel Media owns both stations and made the announcement Thursday.

Keith Allen, program director for 105.7 The Buzz and 100.3 KISS-FM, said they are excited to bring alternative music back to the Triad with 105.7 The Buzz.

“There has been a strong demand for this style of music for quite some time and we are excited to fill that need,” Allen said.

Clear Channel Greensboro owns and operates WMAG-FM, WMKS-FM, WPTI-FM, WTQR-FM and WVBZ-FM and is part of Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.


  • CLong

    Should have kept it the way it was. now there are no rock stations in the Triad. 105.7 sounds just like all the other top 40 radio stations

  • Lisa Wilson Comer

    i can no longer listen to the Buzz in my office, because the frequency is so horrible. I can barely pick up 105.7 in the car, but it is impossible to pick it up in a building. great way to treat your loyal listeners.

  • Steve

    105.7 plays the exact same song rotation as Charlotte Based 106.5 The End….song for song….whats new about that?

  • Jonathan

    Way to go, I agree with the comment of not being able to pick up 105.7 inside of a building. Wouldn’t matter anyway though cause the music is now horrible. I’m not the most diversified man in the world my any means but I do have friends and associates from all walks of life and NEVER have I heard any one of them say that they had a demand for a music station that plays the junk that 105.7 now plays. Here is an idea…..change 100.3 back to what it used to be and make 105.7 an oldies station like 93.1 used to be….now that I have heard a request or demand for a million times!

    • Trip

      Complain to WROV. WKEW-AM put a translator station on 96.3 in Greensboro and translators are required to resolve interference complaints. But it’s up to the station being interfered with (in this case, WROV) to submit the complaints to the FCC. Get all of your friends to complain as well!

    • Jimi Hendrix

      96.3 ROV Rock is a station based in Roanoke, VA. You can pick it up somewhat clearly in the triad. I guess since a station has the same frequency now in Greensboro that it outweighs the signal from ROV.

  • Bobbi Childress

    How about complaining to the station/clear channel directly instead of griping about it on here? Some people are never satisfied. Pay for satellite radio and then you won’t have to worry about it.


    All these channels are jokes. I subscribed to SiriusXM in 2007 and have never looked back. I couldn’t live without it!

  • Deanna L. Gardner

    Unless I’m wrong, I don’t remember BUZZ saying it would be changing formats, just frequencies. The “alternative” music they are playing I can hear on other stations. Please listen to the hard rock fans of the triad and bring back our rock.Why does hard rock always get pushed behind other genres of music?

  • Pam Moncus

    I have no reception of 100.3 in my office! This is just a horrible switch. I have gone to 107.5 all the time now.

  • thomas

    Well, I did hear some Rage Against the Machine today on the new 105.7, so there is hope for them yet. Now to find my Che shirt, a black ski mask, and a flag to burn….

  • Zach

    How about you Fox 8, run a story on how the listeners hate the format change. Report something for the people for once. You might pick up viewers.

  • Neil

    I think the format change and staion swap was a poor choice,spear headed by uniformed assumptions by people like Keith Allen!A program director who is obviously far removed from the pulse….all this has done is further stifle diversity in an already stagnate and limited selection available in the triad amid a flood of top 40 stations!

  • seether

    Ooh wait…. 105.7 IS 106.5 with a 10 second lag-time.
    How could we be so dumb as to ever listen to either one of those stupid stations?

  • seether

    Just get used to 10 Miley Cyrus wrecking ball songs every hour and the new 105.7 will be the hardest station ever!

  • DavidS94

    Should have left it how it was. 106.5 The End out of Charlotte plays alternative and it comes in perfectly clear in the Triad. I also like the DJs on 106.5 better, so all this change has done is freed up a space on the pre-sets in my car.

    At least I still have Rock 92.

  • Ad Agency

    The music on the old 100.3 alienated the majority of advertisers. There’s only so much money in strip clubs and tattoo parlors. The “active rock” whine about your life while doing meth and sounding constipated format has a much narrower appeal than contemporary alternative music, which actually has lyricism and intelligence. The listener base of the old 100.3 are the same people who idolize George Zimmerman and date their cousins. Shrinking demographic.

    • Rocker Chick with a brain

      To “Ad Agency”: You have just blatantly offended a large number of consumers in this area. I have many friends that are upset about the radio channel change, PROFESSIONAL, EDUCATED people who spend their money with local businesses. Just because you happen to like rock music does not mean you are a meth addict that only frequents tattoo parlors and strip clubs.
      You should rename yourself IDIOT AGENCY – you obviously have no clue about the demographics to target advertising in this area. Would not want to waste my advertising dollars with someone like you…

  • about time

    so glad for the change, I was hoping that the new buzz would take the chance and opportunity to play new music instead of doing the same old stuff that wasn’t working, definitely like the new style of music keep it up guys…. P.S If u wanted to listen to old school rock there’s a station just for that

    • chris

      what the hell are you talking about. where else can you hear a7x, 5 finger death punch, rage against the machine, slipknot, need I say more all you had to is change the station not the whole fucking line up

  • Kenneth Mcdowell

    The only reason they swapped these two stations is 100.3 has a100,000 watt tower while 105.7 has a 30,000 watt tower. Top 40 brings CC more money so they’re gonna broadcast it to a much larger available audience. It’s all about the money.

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