Man accused of killing mom, stepfather escapes from SC facility

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Jason Mark Carter

SOUTH CAROLINA — A man accused of killing his mother and stepfather then dumping their bodies in a basement is on the run after escaping from a South Carolina mental health facility.

Jason Mark Carter, 39, was committed after he was found incompetent to stand trial in the killings eight years ago.

Details on his Thursday escape were sketchy, but CNN affiliate WISTV reported that he worked at a supply office on the hospital campus.

He may be traveling in a stolen 1991 White Chevy van, the Oconee County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

In March 2006, deputies went for a welfare check at a home in Seneca and found the bodies of Kevin and Debra Ann Perkins in a room in the basement, the Sheriff’s Office said.

Carter was in the room with the victims, who were wrapped in plastic bags, according to officials.

During his trial, his attorney said Carter had no recollection of the crime, the affiliate said.

It’s unclear whether he left the facility with his medication.

Authorities urged the public to report any sightings of Carter and approach him with “extreme caution.”


  • its my business

    It was written that, “Details on his Thursday escape were sketchy.” Can someone please explain HOW this man was found incompetent to stand trial in the killings eight years ago – but able to escape now? How did he get a car? I pray for safety, sanity and his ultimate ability to be able to understand that he is better being taken care of than left to his own demise.

    • Mark Stabler

      He was able to escape because he was working at store on or near to the hospital faciltiy and was un-guarded. Additional information from a South Carolina media source reports that the “Hospital” where he was confined would not release his name due to patient confidentiality. The mental health programs throughout the Country are a real joke and North Carolina is no exception. Look at the killer in Colorado that told his Doctor about plans to kill people and now that information can’t even be used in court. Actually that Doctor should be on trial as well. One loud mouth can cause the entire Country to spend millions to accomodate so few.

  • Jason

    Should have been in maximum security prison for life in the first place, then maybe he wouldn’t be out on the loose.

  • FaithC

    Incompetent to stand trial then, but well enough now to figure out how to escape and steal a car? Sounds like he made a recovery.

  • noneya

    when he was competent enough to start working in a supply office he should have moved from the mental health facility into a maximum security prison….

  • thomas

    This is what we get when we let “progressives” run the criminal justice system. “Insanity defense, rehabilitation, and ‘social justice’ keep these killers on the streets and put us ALL in danger-even the libtards who keep the “revolving door” system of justice in motion. But if there is ANY justice in this world, the next victim of this convicted killer will be the liberals who allowed this travestry to occur in the first place.

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