Greensboro man charged in assault on newborn baby

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Ricky Wayne Riddle, 33

GREENSBORO — A Greensboro man has been charged in connection with an assault on a newborn baby.

Investigators said Ricky Wayne Riddle, 33, of 3909 Hewitt St., beat a 4-week-old boy on Dec. 11.

According to the News and Record, the assault caused the baby to suffer two skull fractures, two broken ribs, a cut on his forehead, a cut on the left side of his head and bruises on his left shoulder, left leg and abdomen.

Riddle faces a charge of intentional child abuse causing serious injury. He is in the Guilford County jail under a $1 million bond.

Source: News and Record


  • Dee

    I don’t understand the comments about the mother. Why would she be to blame? And this man isn’t sick, he’s evil. ‘Sick’ leads someone to believe meds could help…no meds could help this type of person. I’m on board with the hanging/stoning.

  • Garnetta

    I usually dont leave comments but this is so horrifying I cant hardly believe it. I have seen this sort of thing before due to working in the medical professional but it never get easier and it breaks your heart every time. I have a 3 month old grandbaby girl and I cant even imagine someone hurting her. I wont ask the question what this innocent baby did because we know the answer will never be sufficient. I pray that God handles this according to his will. I am an Evangelist and I preach and teach love but to be honest the human side of me is very angry right now. My heart also hurt for his family because he has a family as well so there is lost all the way around. Let’s pray for both families.

  • someone

    Ok this is what happened. Him and his baby were asleep. The baby was lying on his chest, he rolled off the bed and landed on the baby. There was a nite stand beside the bed. Thats how the baby got the injuries. He would never ever hurt his child intentionally. And if you know him, you wouldn’t have to think twice about his innocence , you would just know he is…

  • Abberdoodlesmom

    What’s sad is that he will have a small sentence. My nephews abuser got 10 years… My nephew is blind for LIFE…… Laws need to be changed!

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  • Chazney

    Any other time I would say the same but there is more to the story. Ricky loves his baby more than anything. He wouldn’t do this. There is more to the story. Ricky wouldn’t beat his baby. That baby is his pride and joy.

  • Gloria

    Forget about jail time, truly he doesn’t deserve a trial. Taxpayer should NOT spend 1 red cent on the up keep of some one so hideous and demonic. This should be a 4 week torture before the immediate death penalty. That’s just me in the flesh speaking. I’m NOT God! And at the end of the day, THAT’s the one he needs to fear!

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